Gave up! Grudgingly Paid my Scottish Power Bill

Further to my last blog post (rant) is Scottish Power the Worst Customer Service, I thought I would post an update. I debated for several days whether to take the case against them further. I even contacted the ombudsman, but in the end it just felt like it was going to be too much energy (pun intended) to fight their inflated bill…


While I agree I owed them some money – I believe what I ended up paying (Again £107.55) was double what it should have been).

This has been the worst customer experience I’ve ever had with any company. Their social media support, a tool which in this day and age we expect to be fast, was ridiculously slow.

They take about 2 or 3 days to respond to anything. That just should not happen in this day and age, and I’m not the only one to think so. Scottish Power needs to read this article Social Media is the Future of Customer Service. Most notably for these pullout quotes!

  • 42% of customers complaining directly through your social media expect a 60 minute response time
  • In fact, this number actually increases to 57% at weekends and evenings!

To date, I’ve had no less than 14 duplicate bills sent to me – since April 8 (21 days). Duplicate. 3 pages each. What to be completely inefficient Scottish Power.

I also note with interest that other people have had complaints about their billing. Like me, in particular a FINAL BILL.

A Google search revealed a Guardian piece from five days ago that looks very interesting and relevant to me:

Scottish Power has plunged me into a Mad Hatter world

But when you go to Guardian’s site, it’s miraculously not showing up. Censorship or something? Are they an advertiser in the Guardian?

Guardian where is it: cottish Power has plunged me into a Mad Hatter world

I smell a rat.

But here’s another one complaining about how dubious Scottish Power practices are – Miles Brignall this time with meter reading outsourcing.

I Give Up, You Win Scottish Power

In any event this has gone on since I tried to leave them November 2014. I’ve spent a dozen hours trying to sort that. The bills have been all over the place – £166.20 to £178 (which is preposterous) to the where they eventually knocked down to £107.55. which as I suspect that’s about DOUBLE what it should have owed them but I gave up.

They’ve sent me bills this month – as follows:

24 April – £107.55 in debit
23 April – £107.55 in debit
22 April – £107.55 in debit
21 April – £107.55 in debit
20 April – £107.55 in debit
17 April- £107.55 in debit
16 April- £107.55 in debit
15 April – £107.55 in debit
14 April – £107.55 in debit
13 April – £107.55 in debit
10 April – £107.55 in debit
9 April – £107.55 in debit
8 April – £107.55 in debit
6 April – (need to track this bill down again)
5 April – (need to track this bill down again)
20 January –  £178.20 in debit
7 January – £166.20 in debit
6 January – £166.20 in debit
5 January – £166.20 in debit
3 January – £31.92 in credit

* They’re still sending bills that say “Estimate” – even though they have the actual reading (supplied by both myself and Utility Warehouse).

* They’re still showing “In credit” on Nov 26, 2014 on the left hand side.

* They’re still not showing my £60.00 payment for October. Though they insist that’s been included. (Why does it say £0. under payments?)

Scottish Power Won the Battle, but…

Because of this experience, I will never ever be a Scottish Power Customer again. I paid the bill grudgingly.

I’ve been a customer for over twenty-two years, loyally, paying monthly, and I will never do so again (well as long as I own my home anyway).

End of story. Time to close that chapter. But given their history, I bet they still send a few more bills…Watch this space.

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