Get Ready for Lasso Con 2 – Info and FAQs

Get ready for lasso con 2 - co hosted by thea newcomb

Get Ready for Lasso Con 2

Hey all you Ted Lass fans, who else is super excited and ready for Lasso Con 2? In case you missed it, the details about our first LassoCon are here.

Today’s post will give you some important details about Lasso Con 2, links to register for this fun and FREE Ted Lasso Conference as well as answer a few questions we’ve been getting already.

What is Lasso Con?

As I’ve previously stated on this blog, Lasso Con came out of a discussion over on Clubhouse. On our weekly Ted Lasso chats (Sunday 9pm UK). I casually had suggested we have like a virtual “meet up” with some of the TL podcasters and content creators. Next thing you know the room co-founder Chris Yeh suggested it be a conference – and thus Lasso Con was born.

When is Lasso Con 2?

Lasso Con 2 will take place on December 4th and 5th 2021. It starts at 12pm Pacific which is 8pm UK (You can use this site to determine your time zone) It lasts about two hours each day (but depending on popularity and involvement it may last a wee bit longer…we’ll see). 2 hours for now.

Get ready for Lasso Con 2 - live on Crowdcast 4th and 5th DecemberWill it be streamed/recorded?

We’ve brought in an expert for Lasso Con 2, Stephen from Going Live Events to help run the event and make it, ahem, more professional. So yes, the event will be both live streamed and recorded via Crowdcast.

The URL you use to sign up for the event will be the same – before, during and after the event which makes it rather handy.

What Ted Lasso topics will you be discussing?

We’re still ironing out the schedule and discussion topics, but for now we’ve got some good ones lined up. Naturally we will be talking about Mental Health, and Nate’s Journey, but also the Music, Books, Romances and friendships of Ted Lasso too.

If you have ideas on a topic you’d like to discuss (or see discussed) then please get in touch here or else be sure to follow the LassoCon twitter. The DMs are now open…

How much is it to attend Lasso Con 2?

Nothing, it is entirely FREE to attend Lasso Con – both days. When you sign up your registration will work for both days as I mentioned. Efforltless!

Have questions or want to get involved?

Is there anything I’ve missed? Do you have any further questions about Lasso Con 2? Or do you have an idea for a topic discuss, want to be included on a panel or have ideas how to make this event even more great?

Then, by all means, please leave a comment here on the post (especially if it’s a question!), email me thea @ this site address or DM me on Twitter (link above). Whatever suits you.

Sign up for Lasso Con here.



ED NOTE (Or should that be TED NOTE): This event would not be possible without the great support of my Ted Lasso Family – Chris, Tim, Kevin, Alice, Andrea, Kevin, Kenny, Christian, Jen, Crisann, Corrin, Lacy et al

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for doing this. I’ve seen a lot of discussion (on Twitter and FB) comparing elements of Ted Lasso to the Wizard of Oz. It would be interesting to listen to/have a discussion about this.
    Liz Harrelson

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