Getting Even More Linkedin – Quick Recap of our Linkedin Event

Getting Even More Linkedin

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Lesley, Thea, Emer at #29Linkedin

Well, I finally have time to write a quick blog – about getting more linkedin (linked-in). Just wanted to share, for those who might be interested, last week’s event at 29 Glasgow went pretty well – by all accounts*. (More on that in a moment.) According to TweetReach, our #29Linkedin hashtag had: exposure of 126,775 impressions, and reach of 20,348 accounts (that’s just from the last 50 tweets, from an estimated 107 in total). (Thanks Gary for getting that bit of info for me).

Above is a wee pic of myself (middle), Lesley (left) and Emer on the right.

Was the event any good? Well, it’s hard for me to say really*, because there is an element of me being too close to the forest to see the trees. So I’ll use other people’s tweets about it instead…

The Tweets Have it!

Thanks Tom! 🙂

Next up, Michael saying he’s learned a thing or two – awesome that was our collective goal.

Super-glad that Michelle walked away with a tip or two, too! Fantastic:

It’s can be a little intimidating when you know that some of your peers are going to be in the room, and you’re just hoping you can give them at least one tidbit they can use. Hopefully I did that on Thursday…

New Start Scotland

Now it’s time to start working on a new Linkedin talk – this time around 45 minutes chalk-filled with tips. 25 to be more precise. Am down to deliver it at this year’s New Start Scotland talk at the SECC in November. (PS: Did you notice they have a new website this year? Awesome)

The talk will be FREE and you can register for tickets here.

Hope to see some of you there. Will be unveiling the new company, website, blog etc – hopefully by the end of next week. Watch this space!

Finally, just a quick but special thought for my friend Kristine Swearson who was one of the many casualties in the World Trade Center on this ill-fated day.

Before you go,…

There are a few things to recommend before you go. One is a post you might like about creating a Linkedin banner tooYou also want to make sure you claim or customise your Linkedin URL (aka vanity link). Also make sure you feature some of your work in the ‘featured section.

Hey before you go you may want to check out my all-new and totally awesome Links page – for many free, helpful, creative resources, tools, apps etc.



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