My Go Pro Hero Joy!

Hanging with Brian at the Classic Car Wash - Saratoga

Just bought a Go Pro at the weekend. Was going to get one of the cheap ones, but you know how it is when you actually arrive in the shop? What can I say I am a gadget girl and so I walked out with the Hero 4 – Silver (not the top of the line but closer than I’d intended!)

One person on FB asked why on earth I’d be buying such high spec tech, and what intention did I have of this wee camera…Well good question I suppose. Why? I guess because I can…and because, hey, I felt like it. Intentions? Well it’s my hope that it will encourage me to be more active, have some fun, and also get some creative juices flowing!

Here’s a shot from my first day having a play with it. My best bud Bri and his new baby Pug Frito at the car wash!

Hanging with Brian at the Classic Car Wash - Saratoga

Am I going sky-diving or snow boarding or whatever? Not highly likely no. No one says you have to be uber-fit to have some fun with the kit. Tomorrow I”m hoping to take a hike with it. In Scotland, I actually may do a tour of my favorite Scottish Castles with it…Selfies at Eilean Donan Castle anyone?

As weather improves in Glasgow, can strap it to my bike’s handle bars and cruise along the River Clyde on a ride…The Go Pro’s good for time lapse and concerts too. Very versatile.

Been studying a variety of the tutorial videos to learn how to work all the settings. It has Wi Fi and Bluetooth and I’ve rigged it up to my phone. Seems to work pretty well to use my (Android) phone’s GO PRO app…Got a head strap, a “selfie wand” (stick) and a clip to strap it my baseball caps too!

Had a craving for pancakes while driving back with my new accessories, so we stopped in at a CoCo’s. Here’s dad with his coffee. Love the wide angle. Need to get a bit better with the settings but overall pretty happy with the funky wee shot.

My dad with a coffee...Jan 2015 at CoCo's.

So yes, hopefully the Go Pro will spur me on both with activity and creativity! That’s my intention as I say.

Feel free to share some of your Go Pro Hero output with me in the comments below – especially if you’ve used it in unique ways – not just with sporty action films! 🙂

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