Got the Guts for Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Alison Sampson, Springs of Eden

Alison Sampson, Springs of Eden

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Have you got the guts to go for some Colonic Hydrotherapy (aka Colonic Irrigation)? What does it even mean? Really it’s just the act of flushing out your colon in a gentle sort of way using warm, filtered water.

Being the daughter of a mother who had colon Cancer, I’m regularly screened via Colonoscopies. I figured that, if I can survive those every five years, a colonic cleanse would be a walk in the park. Largely it was. Below is simply my experience of the bowel detox treatment – without anything too graphic – don’t worry…

Springs of Eden, South of Glasgow

When previously searching, there were not that many places to go for colonic irrigation in  Glasgow. There were only a few who came up – mostly outside of Glasgow. Last year via Business Gateway, I had met and liked, Alison Sampson, so I went to see her at her Springs of Eden Well Being Clinic.

In the spirit of full disclosure, over the last year, Alison has become a friend – which in delicate matters like this – is almost a mixed blessing.

What I mean by that is, think about it, do you really want to have your friends see you at your most vulnerable? Let alone inserting tubes into your private bits – AND watch what comes out?


Well the comfort and trust I felt with Alison outweighed any embarrassment that I felt at the mere thought of such a treatment. So I ventured south…

To Lesmahagow I Go…

Lesmahagow had always seemed kind of far away to me, but over the past few years, I’ve worked with clients all over Lanarkshire, and realised it’s not. It’s only about 25 miles or 30 minutes from my place in the southside of Glasgow. The clinic is minutes off the M74 – so an easy commute (especially if timed right).

Once arriving, Springs of Eden clinic is actually worth the commute, as it’s like a little five-star clinic. (I’m not sure if clinics do get star ratings, but this one should). It’s clean, airy, fresh and calming from the moment you step inside the door.

Preparation for a Colonic Cleanse

Because I had never had any colonic hydrotherapy treatments before, the first meeting was a bit longer. A normal appointment is about an hour (35-45 spent on the treatment), but Alison had to take a full medical history and spoke to me about my overall nutrition and health.

Poo Cushions at Springs of Eden Well Being Clinic, Out side Glasgow

Once completed, and I had signed on the dotted line, we went through to the back room – the colonic treatment room.

Alison walked me through the procedure, taking time to explain everything to me slowly. (She knew I was apprehensive at this point – fear of the unknown!)

She asked me to use the loo and return with the top half of my clothes on and a towel around the bottom half.

She also gave me some cute pink socks to make me feet feel cozy.

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The Bowel Treatment (Step by Step, Sort of)

I’ll spare you the graphic details on my innards (you’re welcome), and just give you an overall run down of what to expect if you’re going to have some colonics done.

  • First you will have a quick rectal check. This lasts a matter of seconds. An uncomfortable, but not painful exam.
  • The more relaxed you are the better. (That goes for the whole treatment). Our tendency is to clench – which is where the pain comes in – as it were.
  • Then the tube gets inserted only a tiny distance into the rectum. For some reason, I think I had it in my head it would go much further in than it actually did.
  • Slowly the water starts to flow into your body. I didn’t feel anything at this point. When the tube was clamped, I’d start to feel pressure. As the tube was unclamped, there’d be relief.
  • I had nausea at two or three points during the treatment but they soon passed (as matter and gas!)
  • Gas is normal, but it can be kind of uncomfortable. I seem to have been quite windy which I didn’t understand the whys/hows until it was explained. (Habits for chewing food, or talking a lot, etc)
  •  Once the treatment is done it’s back to the loo to sit for a bit. You want to make sure everything comes out alright! It did, thankfully!
  • Afterwards, Alison had prepared a nice cup of herbal tea and a glass of water for me to consume while I recovered.
    A post colonic treatment Tea for me...

After the Treatment

I thought I’d share how I felt, and looked, after the treatment. First of all I wish I had taken a selfie of my face before and after. I definitely  noticed the difference under my eyes. Less dark circles and wrinkles. (Yes, I really need to drink more water!)

She’d said “no two colonic treatments are the same” and so I tuned into see how I felt.

To be honest, I didn’t feel that different than before I went it, except maybe more relaxed.

I didn’t have energy (no marathons for me) nor did I need a sleep. I suppose I simply felt lighter overall, but then I would after 3-4 bowel movements!

My stomach girgled a lot after the treatment. Before the treatment, I had only had two bits of toast and a tea, at the cafe next to the clinic. So by the time six o’clock rolled around I was pretty ravenous.

If You Fancy it, then contact Springs of Eden Today

If you’re in Central Scotland and do feel like you need a colon detox, then I’d naturally recommend Alison at Springs of Eden. Visit her website to learn more about Colonic Hydrotherapy or reach out via the Springs of Eden Facebook Page today.

Find the clinic at: 101 Abbeygreen, Lesmahagow, ML11 0EF Phone: 01555 892119

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