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Happy Friday from Younique by TheaNow that I am running a greeting cards business as an Independent Phoenix Trader, it’s my aim to combine it with Younique. It’s been about a year of running my Younique business and things are going amazingly well so I don’t see any reason to change things where that’s concerned…

The cards happened as a bit of a spur of the moment idea. Recently on a visit to Stornoway to deliver some website training, I met a lovely lady on my course called Janet who had her own card business blog. It was intriguing. As I’d always love giving and receiving cards – I thought it might be fun to join. On a bit of a whim, I plunged all my Younique commissions last month into starting up with Phoenix.

A Card for Every Occasion - Theas CardsNow my flat is over run with greeting cards of all descriptions. Thank you cards, wedding cards, sympathy and thinking of you cards…naturally there are loads of Christmas cards and birthday cards as well. But Phoenix is more than cards it’s all kinds of other items too. Planners, colour-in table cloths, wrapping paper, notebooks, etc.

In the run up to Christmas, the aim will be to have parties in Central Scotland or attend fairs, conferences, craft shows with the cosmetics, some cards and maybe cake, champaign, coffee…or cocktails? For alliteration purposes, I like the Cs – but I guess it really could be anything.

One of my rock stars, and long time friends, Karen McKay is a Younique presenter in Lanarkshire, and her daughter is now selling Candles. So there may be some of those in the mix. Who knows? Open to suggestions on where we might host some festive parties or events.

Need any Extra Money for Christmas?

If you have any interest in cards or cosmetics and need some extra income, why not start your own business. If you like makeup, then Younique may just be the perfect fit. Younique is especially good if you are pretty online savvy but you don’t have to me. You can run your business however you want!

If greeting cards and stationery are more your thing – then becoming a Phoenix Trader may be more to your tastes. Or you could be like me and do both.

Shop for Cards - #theascards

Happy to talk to anyone who is interested in working from home (or anywhere) and being their own boss. These two have opportunities in different countries. Both are options in the UK but the cards aren’t in the US. If you’re in France and want to set up a business then the greeting cards option is for you but Younique is not there yet. So perhaps the best way to reach me is to email me to talk about your interests and to see if either would suit you. I can be reached by my first name (Thea) at this domain name as it is in the header of this website. Or on either phone number there.

Finally am looking for a card-lover in the UK who wants to join my Phoenix team soon – because I have a special offer “Golden Ticket” with your name on it. If you sign up before the end of the month you get a bonus pack of cards & goodies in addition to your starter pack!

Giving FREE Greeting Cards with Cosmetic Orders

Right now for every Younique order placed directly from me, I’m giving away FREE greeting cards (1 per order). Either people can request a certain kind of card – e.g. birthday card or Christmas card….or I’ll select one for them at random!

Where to shop for Cards and Cosmetics?

If you’re interested in checking out the products from either company feel free to visit my Younique website or the Thea’s Cards site over on Phoenix Trading. Reach out with any questions you may have!

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