Groove App – Focus on Tasks and Meet New People

Join Groove App today and get more focused and meet new people

Groove App – Focus on Tasks and Meet New People

Note as of Aug 2023 – I am close to hitting 3000 Grooves. I’m even on one now…Read on!
Are you easily distracted – especially when you should be focused on important tasks at hand? Do you enjoy meeting new people from around the world? Then the Groove App could be the one for you. As someone who works from home, and constantly juggles many tasks, I often feel unproductive and unfocused. The idea of Groove App immediately appealed to me, so on April 23rd, I joined the waitlist to try it out.

Three days later I got the “You’re In! Welcome to Groove” email!

Then, nothing…Read on.

So How Does Groove Work?

So you’re probably wondering how Groove works…I did too. Essentially I’d describe it as an extended take on the Pomodoro Technique (which is usually 25 minutes of focussed attention). Though the Pomodoro method has been around since the 1980s, I feel like it really came into prominence over the last few years.

Since 2020, more and more people have felt isolated and distracted working from home. So you’d hear about things like “Silent Zooms” (sometimes they’re called “Sprints”). Some, like the ones at my co-working space Collabor8te, can even be in person sprints. I have done them all and found them to be very useful.

With Groove, you have not only added time (extra 25 minutes) for deep focus, but also the benefit of meeting people around the world. The community really makes it for me.

This video will explain Groove better than I can in just 60 seconds. (Plus it’s fun to see the aforementioned Lashonda in it too!)

My First Week on Groove

My waitlist wait was three days, but then for some reason, as I said, it took me a few days to pull the trigger and join a groove. I am not sure why but I was kind of nervous…This is odd because I am an extroverted introvert…and I like trying new things! On my first ever Groove, I joined Patrick, Akua and Emma and they made me feel welcome and showed me the ropes. Once over that first one I was hooked.

Over the past week, I’ve grooved with the co-founders (without knowing they were even co-founders, I hasten to add).

There have been grooves with people in various states, South America, Israel and the UK.

Honestly? I’ve accomplished more on my book project in the past week than I have all year.

Plus everyone has been so incredible nice and some good bonding has taken place.

Start a Groove - groove appWhen You’re Ready to Groove – Go For It!

Take my advice, and don’t wait to hit the “Join Groove” (or indeed “Start Groove”) button. You’ll soon be on with one, two or three more people. You will share what you’ll be concentrating on for the next fifty minutes and whoever has the control will hit “start work”.

You then type in what you’re going to be doing, and break it down to a few tasks if you want. Start working in earnest.

You’ll get a notification you’re halfway through. (Blurred my fellow groovers as I didn’t have their permission to use them in the shot!)

Halfway mark on Groove App

Incidentally, it’s my 16th groove right now, as I write this blog post, and I am on with Amber who’s on her 100th! Whoohoo. That’s awesome! This truly is an energised community.

The final five minute countdown has sounded, so I better type faster…

Tap to rejoin your Groove

After you’re done with the session, you “tap to rejoin” and you share how you got on. I’ve had some where we were all focused, and others where we all admitted to being totally distracted.

It happens. Life gets in the way, clients call or email or you remember something else takes priority.

In spite of those distractions periodically popping up, every single Groove has been a successful one for me**.

Groove App is Digital Crack

Every now and again I get addicted to something, recently it was Kittl, before that Clubhouse, and I just can’t stop talking about whatever excites me. It’s how I am wired.

This addiction, at least, is a healthy one. I have been way more focused, achieved tons more and met some totally awesome folks from around the globe.

So what are you waiting for? Try the groove app now.  My link allows you to avoid the waitlist, so you’ll be grooving in no time. `

I hope to see you on there. As Groove says “find connection not distraction”. Cheers to that sentiment!

Before You Go…

Please swing on by my ever-expanding Links page. It has free tools, extended trials, creativity, productivity and business resources galore!

**Note: You may find that you start a Groove and no one joins. (This happened a few times on the weekend especially) The app is in Beta with new members joining every week so as the community grows, I am sure this will happen less often.

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