How Can I Help Your Business?

How can I help your business?

Updated 2022: checking for links and photos etc

How Can I Help Your Business?

Today’s advice is ‘stop selling, start serving”. Too often we’re trying to sell our goods and services in an almost-broadcast fashion, (“look at me” or “how great my product or service is”) instead of simply asking “How can I help your business?”…So today, I thought I’d blog about some ways that I can help your business. Some of this is more relevant to those in Scotland, but not necessarily all of it.

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Free Linkedin Talk

I love giving FREE talks. Lately I’ve been very busy working on a (FREE) talk for New Start Scotland called “25 Tips to Rock Linkedin”. There are so many tips that I’ve come across, it could easily have been 100 or 1000  tips – but as it’s just a 45-minute talk, I’ll have be brief, or at least more succinct.

One tip, that I have just written down on my mind-map, is to make your profile customer/client-focused and not CV-focused. That simple line I read in an article made me stop and think about my own profile. In other words, don’t just list all that you’ve done, or can do, but show how you might be able to help anyone who takes the time to read your profile. Hmmm, I am sensing a profile-re-write on my cards real soon…What about you? I give some awesome FREE tools and recommendations at the bottom of this post.

1-2-1 Linkedin Training

Today, I have the pleasure of delivering some one-to-one Linkedin training to a very experienced photographer. Though I do a lot of training on the group level, most often for Business Gateway, there is something super special about sitting down and giving all your attention, focus and experience to just one person.

These days I mostly deliver bespoke Canva training – but also Linkedin and Blogging – to suit your business.

So if you are in the market for some 1-2-1 training to promote your business, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via this site.

Networking @ 29

Free Wine - Networking @ 29As many of you who are connected to me on social media will know, I’ve started running a super-informal, social networking night at 29 Private Members Club Glasgow each month.

This month will be our second event is Google-related, and it’s taking place on 30th October from 6pm.

These nights are open to anyone – whether you’re utilizing social media for business or not. It’s really about meeting new people in a relaxed environment. After all, people do business with people they like, or put another way “people buy people”. So though you may not need networking / contacts at present, in this current climate, you never know when you might!

I’ve picked some great speakers to speak at the event. Matthew Marley, from Zen, will talk Google+, Brian Tait from Aillum about Analytics, and Mark Hunter from Postable on YouTube). Talks are 10 minutes each and aim to have you leaving with a few “take-aways” (well, if you’re on the three of these platforms).

Helping Your Business

So that’s just a few, simple, FREE (or cheap) ways in which I can help YOUR business…Namely by a FREE LinkedIn talk at New Start Scotland in November (14 & 15), by an informal Networking @ 29 night (Oct 30), and finally by some bespoke One-to-One Training – at your convenience – just for you – whoever you are, wherever you are!

Before you go,…

Hey before you go, you may want to swing by my totally awesome links page which has a variety of free resources, tools, and extended trials too.

PS: If I can help your business in anyway I’d love to hear from you!

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