How to Create a Dotted Line Page in Canva

how to create a dotted line page (6x9" journal) fast in Canva

How to Create a Dotted Line Page in Canva

Here is another wee tutorial which I’ll aim to due on Tuesdays. This won’t just be Canva, they’ll be other helpful tools for content creation. You can watch the video right here or if you’d rather not see what I am doing you’re more than welcome to skim the transcript for the steps taken to create a dotted line page in Canva.

Beginning Video Transcript (with minor edits)

Hey there, it’s Thea here a Canva Certified Creative, affiliate* and trainer. One of the members of my private VIP Canva group, Angela sent me a message asking if there’s an easy way to create a dotted page rather than lined in Canva. Yes, there is Angela. In fact, I start off every Canva training session saying exactly the same thing with Canva.

There are always many routes to get to the same destination. It just depends on how your brain is wired.

Well. I’ll quickly show you two ways you can do this. Let’s get started…

Step One – At – Create a Document

At - create a custom sized canvas 6x9 Step one: Here we are one and the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to open a document type. So for today, I thought we’d do a 6″ by 9″ dotted lined journal. So we’re going to go up to the top, right? Either create a designer custom size, I’ll choose creative design and click on custom size. Now we’re going to make sure we want to switch over to inches and we’re going to type in. our dimensions. In this case 6.125 x 9.25 inches. So that’s going to cover the bleed area.

Step Two – Hit the Letter L Step t - letter L

Now, once we’re in our blank doc type, we can simply hit the letter L (on your keyboard) which brings up a line.

I’m just going to bring it up to the top of my page. Remember, this is going to be for a journal, so I’m kind of keeping it within the bleed line at the top. It won’t matter so much as long as I choose bleed, if I’m uploading it to Amazon KDP. (Ed note: it may actually matter if you’re making a journal on KDP. After recording this, KDP knocked mine back for bleed, so be careful! Keep everything within the purple guidelines)

So let’s play with the line weight a little bit. Now you can make it bigger or smaller. I will go with, I don’t know, let’s go with maybe two or three for this.

Then we can then choose the type of line next to the weight. We’ve got options of just a normal line, a dashed line and a dotted line. So I’m going to go with the dotted line and we’re good here.

Duplicate your line many times

So once we feel like we’ve got our line ready, all we need to do then is to click on our line and hit duplicate at the top of the. And I’m going to do it about 25 times so that it goes the length of the page. Then we’re going to go to the bottom of the page again, I’m using my guides here and all you need to do is hold your mouse.
Grouped dotted lines - position vertically and left Go to the top of the page. You can see I’ve now grouped everything. I choose left and vertically under position. And now I have some beautiful, beautiful dotted lines on the page. Okay.

2nd Way to Create Dotted Line Pages Fast in Canva

Letter T, hit period, use spacing, position left and vertically So I’m going to do the same thing again, but this time I want to have a bit more. Over the space between my little dots. So I’m going to hit the letter T this time and just going to do her period (or the full stop, depending on what you call it). And I’m just going to leave it any font. You could try different fonts if you want slightly different, full stops. Um, but in this case, I’m going to go to the. And bring it up to the top of my page and center it. I can always just choose “position” and center to make sure it’s already centered.

Choose your spacing between the dots – easily!

This time I’m going to actually play with the spacing between the dots. Right? I want it to go across page now you see there’s quite a bit more space here at 60 whatever percent (ED NOTE: make it as little or as much space as you want between your dots). Then I’m going to do the same thing again. All I’m going to do is hit, duplicate, duplicate, duplicate a bunch of times then bring the last line to the bottom of your page, center it, then hold the mouse down, group everything position. “Left” and “vertically”.

In Summary

So there we have our two types. You can see the difference. If I zoom in, you can see the difference between the dots. So you have total control over the second way, which is hitting the letter T or you could just go the simple way and just hit the letter L okay. So there you have it. Two types of dotted line pages created in Canva in a matter of seconds. If there’s anything I can demonstrate for you, feel free to shoot me a message. I’d be happy to make a tutorial for you.
Also remember if you’d like to try Canva pro for 45 days for free, just hit the link in my bio until next time. I’m Thea saying, see-ya…

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