#RSD15 – It’s International Record Store Day

International Record Store Day

International Record Store Day 2015

Updated 2022: Hello, it’s International Record Store Day. This particular Saturday has come and gone far too fast. I spent the first  half of my day immersed in a sea of 7-inch singles. It was like a long, stroll down memory lane. There were a lot of records there in the pile that I don’t even remember getting. Others of course had a story and so I did.

International Record Store Day - my 7" singles

Blogging about Record Store Day

I ended up penning a pulse post over on Linkedin about it – which is, arguably, not the place for it, but I figured 1) it’s Saturday 2) it talked a bit about my musical working life and 3) it’s Record Store Day after all.

If anyone doesn’t like it, I guess they can either ignore it or they can remove me as a connection.

Anyway, after I penned the post I headed out to Paisley to see some live bands in Apollo Music. Bainy, Lemonhaze and The Scarlets. They were all pretty good.

There is just something about being in a record store that makes me feel “at home”. It’s fabulous really, except I can’t help but straighten and organise the records due to my “past life” working in Tower Records (in the 80s).

Speaking of my best job ever, I really can’t wait to see this film about that record store chain. The film’s being made by Tom Hank’s son Colin.

Buying Tunes

There were a lot of CDs in Apollo today that I’d like to have bought, but I’ve banned myself from buying any more physical products, for now. There are too many in my home already.

So instead I mostly just spent the day playing music. Mostly old music. On the way to Paisley was an old school funk, rap and R&B type CD. While organizing the records I played KFOG (a San Francisco radio station – my fave in the world). On the way home from the movies tonight I listened to BBC Radio 2 – an 80s show. There was an interview with Steve Levine talking about a chart topping Culture Club record he produced and then we heard Strawberry Switchblade with their words echoing in my brain ever since…

“it’s so clear that all we have now are our thoughts of yesterday.” Sometimes it sure feels that way.

PS: I’m hosting an 80s music night at McPhabbs in Glasgow 24/5. More info on that very soon.

2022: Check out thisistotally80s.com now if you like your eighties music.

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