Client Spotlight KDP – Kirsty McCourt Self-Published Her Christmas Book

Kirsty McCourt Self published Kirsty's Guide to Bossing Christmas.

KDP Client Spotlight – Kirsty McCourt

Have you thought about self-publishing books? Not sure where to start? I thought it might be useful to hear from people, like Kirsty McCourt, who have learned how to self-publish their own book. This new blog series lets my clients, who have self-published books, tell you what it has meant to them both personally and professionally. First up, it’s Kirsty McCourt from Kirsty’s Travelling Tearoom.

Tell us about yourself and your business.

I am Kirsty McCourt a caterer, who provides classic afternoon teas for events, individuals and special occasions. I also like to share recipes and videos on baking too.

What made you want to publish a book?

I wanted to share my love of Christmas and as a working mum the hacks I used to save both money and time. A book seemed like a really good way to pass on my experience to help not only my customers but anyone anywhere in the world.

How has it helped you/your business?

Yes it did really well. I sold lots of copies of my book. It even ended up being featured in the local newspaper. As it’s seasonal, it’s something that will continue to sell each holiday season.

Do you have any plans to do any more books in the future?

Oh yes, this experience has definitely made me want to do more. I am cooking up a few ideas and plan to do more in the future. Watch this space…

What can you say about the training

Thea made the whole Canva and KDP process easy to follow and it was fun to see the results.

Kirsty's Traveling Tearoom on Facebook

How can people find and follow you?

I can be found on my Kirsty’s Traveling Tearoom Page Facebook and it’s the same handle on Instagram.

Where can people find your book?

You can buy Kirsty’s Guide to Bossing Christmas on Amazon UK and Amazon US. It’s available on all the other Amazon marketplaces globally too!

That’s All She Wrote…

Thanks to Kirsty McCourt for being my first featured client in this KDP Spotlight Series. All it takes is an idea for a book. It doesn’t even have to be a fully formed idea. I will help you publish any kind of book you want to create – workbook, journal, fiction, non fiction, colouring, etc. Really any kind of book. So…Do you want to publish your own book? I will walk you through from start to finish in one sitting. Read more about my training here.

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