An Introduction to Kittl Designer – Tutorial Video & Transcript

An introduction to Kittl Designer - by Thea Newcomb

An Intro to Kittl Designer

Here is the transcript and tutorial video I made walking through the Kittl Design tool.

Kittl’s a fantastic tool worth a look – especially if you’re interested in graphic design for print on demand. I love it for the t-shirt designs. I still spend way to much time tweaking the templates but it’s pretty good for inspiration.

Kittl Designer Walk Thru – Transcription Below

Warning: Transcript may be a bit random at times…

So here we are and you can see that there are a variety of templates in different sizes. Some are square some are more vertical. You can choose to click “logo”. And you’ll see a variety of logos. Everything is customizable, the colours, the fonts, the graphics, even the backgrounds. You can use the filters at the far, right to find the type of logo you want. Maybe you want minimal (click that) and then you’ve got your minimal logos here. We’ve got labels – these are interesting kinds of labels. Again, you can change everything on here. The ones I like are the t-shirts – some amazing designs in here – (from) some really good designers. They’re broken it down into categories.

Featured designers - Kittl Design

Featured Kittl Designs (Top left) & New Projects

You can check the featured ones and you can see what’s trending. You can sort also by recent for the newest uploads. 

You can even start a new project at the top right – by hitting new project.

And then you can just hit the shortcut on your keyboard. The letter T will bring up the text, let’s do this and this.

Build Designs from Scratch in Kittl

Right. So again, we can change our font over here on the right to. That face. Um, you can upload your own font in the pro and expert versions, and I’ve uploaded mine, which is Barlow. So I’m going to go for extra bold and let’s do this right? So again, I can click on it. I can center it using the right hand side, this right hand panel has some amazing options.

You can change the type of texts and add nice effects. Stripey ones, outlined ones. You can change the colours of the outline. We maybe we want it red. So you can just have a play with that. I quite like this one actually. And you can use the left-hand panel to add some elements to it. So there’s all kinds of elements here at badges panels components or you can type in something like reach for instance, and you’re going to get some reach stuff. So we get out wave to our design. This is pretty ugly, of course. But now, now that we’ve added the wave in, we can change the colours to kind of match the wave, clicking on the colour and the same.

Let’s get rid of that black and let’s make it a pale blue. There you go. That’s nice. Right. I can change the spacing and that sort of thing. Or we can put it all on one line – let me do center and middle again. There are even some textures so we could add some textures to it. We maybe want it on a brick wall.

kittl background textures

Now there’s a brick wall. We could change the background colour so you can see the actual brick wall better. Or we can get rid of the background, texture, whatever.

Okay. So I’m going to get rid of the background by just clicking on delete. And now it’s back to what it was.

Colour Palettes & Naming Designs in Kittl

We can change the whole project colours down here at the bottom (right) as well. We can maybe make them darker or lighter once we’re ready to download it. I would name it. So let’s call it. T-shirt you shirt. Um, let’s do this and. Using it for print on demand, two things. I would recommend. Number one, we’re going to change our actual canvas to 4,500 by 5,400, which is kind of an industry standard. Thanks to Merch by Amazon. I’m just going to make it much bigger and a little bit smaller now and make sure that it’s. And now I’m also, when I go to download, I want to make sure I remove the gray background because I want it to be able to go on any colour, but one way to check how it’s going to look on any colours, click on the background colour and move it around.And then you can see what it’s going to look like on different colours. White and black generally is a good guy. So yeah, I don’t really like that gray font outline. So let’s make it to. The blue, or I don’t know, even a yellow, something different to add a little bit of contrast to it. Now that I’m ready.

All I’m going to do is hit download, and I’m going to remove the background, some of the slide that, and I’m going to choose PNG and now it’s done.

See all subscription levels on kittlKittl Subscriptions & Try it for Free

So just to give you a quick look at the subscription options with Kittle, there is a free version approach version and an expert version. It’s the free version is fine for you to kind of just dip your toe in the water, but if you were going to be using it for anything, print on demand related, I would recommend you at least go for pro if not expert and the kind folks at Kittl have.

My users, followers, subscribers, three months of Kittle Pro if you use my link, now this wasn’t a full on tutorial. I would recommend that you follow the Kittl YouTube channel because drew especially does all kinds of fantastic tutorials on really how to use Kittl in amazing different ways. And he does it way better than I could.

So, so I’m just going to recommend that you follow Kittle on YouTube too, to make sure that you get those index. Kittl tutorials. They’re awesome. This was just a brief introduction to kind of show you around the tool. I absolutely love. Well, that’s it for another graphic design tutorial. I hope you found it useful.

Be sure to use my link to test drive Kittle pro for free for three whole months. If you want to learn about more awesome tools like this surf on over to Thea I’ve compiled an amazing array of recommended creativity tools, free resources extended. And much more you can even join. My Thea’s One Thing, 15-second weekly newsletter – where I share one tip tool or tutorial about business, creativity and productivity every week. That’s all for now. So until next time I’m Thea say and see ya.

End of Transcript

Before you Go

So before you go, if you like the look of Kittl Designer, you may enjoy this blog post I did comparing Kittl to Canva.

Don’t forget to try Kittl Pro for FREE for 3 months. (Not an affiliate link – just a cool referral)

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