Client Spotlight KDP – Koren McGeever

Koren McGeever author of the little book of self-care.

KDP Client Spotlight: Koren McGeever

Today I am back to speak with another KDP/Canva client, Koren McGeever. Read on to find out more about her business, book and the process of self-publishing. Take it away Koren…

Your name: Koren McGeever

Your business name: Koren McGeever Counselling

Your book title: The Little Book of Self-Discovery

Tell us a bit about your business…

As a person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist, I aim to offer clients (16+) an empathic, safe, non-judgemental, confidential space for people to come as they are to explore the issue(s) which are causing them distress. I believe that by creating an environment where a client feels well psychologically held, they can access and use their own internal resources for personal growth, healing and to find a way forward. At the present time, I am only offering clients sessions either online or via telephone.

What made you want to create a book?

Writing a book is something I had wanted to do for a little while, but in reality I had no idea how to do it. I never thought this dream would come to fruition…until I met Thea that is!

I wanted to create this book because I feel passionate about person-centred counselling. It was my hope that through this book, as well as helping people to become more in tune with their life through increased self awareness, I wanted the concept of person-centred counselling to become more widely understood.

I believe that no matter what stage in life someone is at, there is always room for personal growth and development.

What was your intended benefit?

My book was created as a practical guide for people to work through, at their own pace, in order to encourage self-reflection and potential healing. It is not intended or advised to be used as a substitute for attending professional counselling, but rather something which can be used as a first step before going to counselling. It should be used as a tool to compliment attending therapy or for anyone intrigued to understand and learn more about themself and how they view the world. If only one person found the book to be helpful and/or beneficial in some way, then it was worth doing in my mind!

Has it helped your business? How’s self-publishing made you feel?

I feel self-publishing this book has been helpful for my business in a variety of different ways. I have received very good feedback from fellow counsellors/psychotherapists who have went on to recommend it to students, colleagues and supervisees. This meant a lot knowing it is being valued in the field I work in.

My book is also now being used in a further education establishment. Students at this establishment can now be referred or prescribed my book by both the counselling and student experience staff. I am humbled to know that people feel my book is worth investing in. It has also been useful for my client work, where clients have bought my book to complement the work being done through our counselling sessions together or bought to continue their personal development journey following counselling sessions coming to an end.

From a personal standpoint, self-publishing this book has helped with my confidence as I have sold more copies than I ever thought I would. A gentle reminder to follow your ambitions, not to put yourself down and remember you are capable of more than you may think you are!

Where can people learn more about your and your business?

At the moment, I have scaled back in advertising my counselling services – due to having a full time job as a primary school counsellor at the time of writing this.

However, I do still see some adult clients remotely through my private practice in the evening. I can be contacted on Linkedin and Facebook business page.

Buy the Book – on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

In Summary

Thanks to Koren for taking the time to talk to us. Of all the people I’ve trained in KDP, I think she’s had the most sales of her book. It’s really been extraordinary to watch it fly off the virtual shelves this past year.

She says:

“I currently only have one book published and have not started writing another at the moment. I am never saying no to the prospect of writing another book in future though as have a few ideas…so watch this space!”

If you would like to learn how to create and self-publish a book, then please get in touch. There are various ways that I can help you make that happen. You can learn more about the process on this Self-publishing page. You might also be interested in this post about Book Hackers.

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