Exciting Ways to Learn Canva with Me This Year

Free and Fee ways to Learn Canva with Me in 24 - Thea Newcomb Canva Verified Expert

Ways to Learn Canva with me in 2024

Are you keen to learn Canva? In 2024, I’m thrilled to announce some sparkling new offerings! My website and messaging are undergoing a fabulous makeover, as I fine-tune my Canva training packages to offer you clearer direction and pricing. Rest assured there’s a myriad of ways to work with and learn from me this year, suitable for every budget and learning style – as I like to say “From FREE to VIP”. Read on.

Free Learning Opportunities

  • “FREE 15 @ 3:15” – My Compact Canva Clinics:
    Kickstart your week with my Monday Compact Canva Clinics! In just 15 minutes, starting at 3:15 PM (London/NY times), I’m providing a rapid-fire demo and sharing a few Canva tips and tricks that’ll transform your design game – twice. Plus you can ask any quick Canva questions too.Learn more about the FREE 15 @3:15 Mondays here.
  • YouTube Channel & Blog:
    Previously I’ve not been as consistent with my Youtube channel as I have with my blog. In 2024 – that’s about to change. Between this blog and my YT channel, you’ll have a treasure trove of my Canva knowledge at your fingertips. From step-by-step tutorials, new feature announcements to creative ideas, tips and shortcuts, there’s something for everyone.My Youtube Channel is here.

Fee-Based Training for Deeper Learning

  • Monthly Worldwide Webinars
    Ready to really learn Canva? Join my monthly, mid-month webinars worldwide. These deeper sessions are designed to upskill your Canva knowledge in a big way!
  • Monthly Local Workshops:
    If you’re in Central Scotland, you might prefer to join one of my end-of-month workshops held every 3rd Thursday. Whether offline or on, these sessions are crafted to take your Canva prowess to new heights. Plus you’ll get refreshments and to network with other business owners.
  • Bespoke Canva Training:
    Tailor made sessions for your business, staff or group. A form is coming for these sessions. Half and full day packages.
  • NEW: Brain-picker sessions: Need to ask questions about or formulate a strategy for a Canva project, print on demand or self-publishing? Why not book a 45-minute brain picking call for £95? I’ll answer your questions or give you options of routes to take.
    Please note: This is consultancy NOT training.

Mix of Free and Fee-Based Events

  • Special VIP 1:1 Training:
    For an exclusive learning experience, my VIP 1:1 training sessions, range from 90 minutes to half and full days (or more!) These are tailored just for you and your business.Perfect for those seeking that extra personalised guidance to elevate their design skills.
    Book 90 minutes here(£350  or $440 US)
    Book a Half day (£650 or $825 US)
    Book a Full VIP day (£1200 or $1525 US)

Mix of Free and Fee-Based Events

  • Monthly Canva Events: Every month, I’ll be hosting an exciting Canva event. Some will be free, like networking sessions, while others, like our Afternoon Teas, will be paid experiences.I’m also on the lookout for collaborators – be it venues for hosting or partners with delightful products to feature.

Free Collaborative Opportunities

  • Podcast Guest Appearances:
    Have a podcast audience hungry for design and branding knowledge? I’m here to add value with insights and tips, ready to share my Canva expertise with your listeners. (FREE)

Tailored Group Sessions

  • Customised Group Training:
    If you have a Facebook group or a community that could benefit from a one-hour Canva crash course, let’s talk! I’d love to bring my training to your group, offering tailored advice and creative strategies. (FEE)

Let’s Do This!

2024 is shaping up to be a year full of learning and creativity. Whether you’re looking for quick Canva wins, deeper exploration, or a bespoke Canva training session, there’s something here for you.

I’m buzzing with excitement for what’s ahead and can’t wait to share this journey with you.

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