Linkedin Perspectives Across Scotland

Linkedin Perceptions Across Scotland

Sharing Linkedin Perspectives

If you have ever met me, or read anything I’ve ever written here or on Social Media, you’ll know that I love Linkedin. (Well most of the time. Except when people are posting lame stuff that at best belongs on Facebook, but that’s a topic for another day.)

“Linkedin is the de facto place for business people globally to connect with one another, to find jobs, to look for employees, and increasingly to consume content” – said by “David”, on a video on AOL SEE: LinkedIn just moved into a new skyscraper in San Francisco and the offices are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before

New Linkedin rooftop SF
Pic: Tony Chung, Linkedin, Click to view this and many more on AOL

Training Scottish Businesses

It’s been a busy month or two training in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Edinburgh. Aberdeen, Campbeltown and before that Uist. Most recently was some “Digital Boost” training in Kirkwall, the Orkney Islands. Each audience is a little different. There are some things however that are universal. This post will talk about the similarities and the differences I’ve been encountering as I’ve been traveling the length and breadth of Scotland delivering some “Digital Boost” courses.

Social Media Training - Benbecula Uist

Regional Variations of Linkedin Across Scotland

What is most interesting to me about doing all of these courses are the regional variations. What do I mean by that? Well, on Uist, a few weeks ago, the group of delegates on my “Advanced Social Media” course (pictured above) were very interested in learning more about Linkedin, and how they could utilise it to grow their network and promote their businesses.

Earlier this week, however, on Orkney it was a case of Linkedin was perceived to be a place for “boring suits”. I am not sure how Linkedin will go about changing that perception or if it will even try. Last month, as I previously blogged about, I trained students across Scotland in it. So students are now starting to see its merits. They’ve lowered the age to join Linkedin to 14!

Another person on one of my Glasgow, Business Gateway  training courses also had the perception of Linkedin not being relevant for her business. The girl was a dog walker. Really? Not relevant? “Who runs businesses?” I asked? People. People run businesses. People have dogs. People who work and run businesses would need her services!

So yeah, it’s time that Scotland woke up and changed some of its perceptions. Linkedin is useful and not really just “a bunch of boring suits”.

Frankly, I am neither boring or a suit, and I am active on Linkedin daily.

What I Do on Linkedin, Daily? I:

  • post pictures – some I’ve taken, some I find, and sometimes I actually create graphics in Canva
  • ask for advice, feedback or recommendations from my network
  • add new connections to my network
  • share helpful, interesting, relevant content I source or share other people’s content or posts
  • message, congratulate or like my connections activities on Linkedin
  • offer tips on how to use it
  • write/publish updates and long form blog posts
  • respond to people’s postings, questions,  comments – basically have conversations

How much time does all that take?

Another question I get is how much time does all of this take. The main complaint that all business I train seem to have is the time factor. There are not enough hours in the day to run our businesses, keep our books, market our business, etc. I know. I get that. The amount of time I can spend on Linkedin might be a few minutes or it could be hours.

The fact is today, pretty much EVERY BUSINESS has to be somewhere online. You don’t have to be on every channel but you need to be somewhere.

Pick one and “own it”. By that I mean do it well. Make sure it’s where your customers actually are. If you’re target demographic is tweens – then you will want to be on SnapChat or Instagram – probably not Linkedin. So before embarking on setting up any Social Media channels – make sure you know who you’re marketing to and where they are online.

Use Tools

I often advise people use a tool like HootSuite to schedule posts across the week, but I haven’t always done that myself, for Linkedin anyway.  I have for Twitter for years…

Use tools like HootSuite to schedule Linkedin posts

Only recently did I think it would be good to start to schedule my posts on Linkedin, in addition to some of my “of the moment posts”. Using tools will allow you to schedule posts across the week consistently – should you choose.

Tap Into Your Network

Picture of Calmac Ferry - Thea Newcomb 2004

How do I use my network?

Well, this morning I was booked to deliver some more training in Bute. I’ve never been to Bute, so one of the first places I went was to Linkedin to ask my network for advice on how to get there (specifically should I take my car on the ferry) and where to stay once I get to Rothesay.

Sure I could “Google it” – but I like to hear from my own network, whom I trust to share their feedback. When it comes to online success, it’s “trust” that is the name of the game. People do business with people they “know, like and trust” – so you need to use your Social Media activities to build it. Linkedin, in my opinion, is a great place to do just that.

If you need some help with Linkedin, then feel free to get in touch. Connect with me there or tweet me!

Another area that most regions seem to be interested in is blogging. After Linkedin, that’s arguably my next favourite training to deliver…Perhaps blog about blogging next time! Until then….

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