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Thea’s Fave Links, Tools & Resources

Updated March 2024:

Hey there, creative enthusiasts! Here’s my curated list of top tools, websites, freebies, bundles, and resources specifically designed for you. Take a look at the different sections for Print on Demand, Creative Resources, Website and Blogging Tools, and of course, essential Canva links. You’ll find all my personal links conveniently placed at the end.

NOTE: Some of these are affiliated sites, but rest assured, I only ever promote sites/apps I regularly use and trust. This ensures you only get the best recommendations from me. Many of these links offer great perks like discounts, free trials, or bonus money off your first order. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring and elevating your creativity now!

Thea's Canva coures, trials, links etc


Wanna book me for Canva Training? Basically, I have three levels of workshops and webinars: live, half-day training sessions for SMEs and Charities, Colleges and Corporates too.

Canva Courses 

If you are a beginner in Canva – then you might want to check out fellow Canva Verified Expert Brenda Cadman’s Canva for Beginners course. I personally purchased her Clean Up my Canva course which has been useful (still a work in progress).

Canva Templates

  • I’ve partnered with fellow Canva Verified Expert (CVE), Melissa LeMay who has designed a wide array of beautiful Canva Templates. See her 500 Canva Templates Bundle. She’s also just launched the brand new Elegant Canva Template Bundle of 90+ Elegant Canva Templates (IG Stories, animated stories, feed posts, carousels, covers, ebooks, mockups and more…)
  • Another fabulous CVE, Agata from Poland also has some smashing Canva Templates: Standard Social Media package or go for the Social Media Max pack.
  • Canva Creators – Do you want to create templates for Canva?

Thea's Top Print on Demand Tools for 2023

Books, Print on Demand & Graphic Design Tools

A Book Creator – Create all kinds of books with this fabulous tool. (Note: I made my best sellers in it) Use my special affiliate code ‘podinscot‘. You should get a discount and it locks you in at that low rate for life too!

BookBolt – Regular readers of my blog know that I use and recommend BB. I especially love it for the keyword research. Choose from monthly or annual subscriptions. Start as a “newbie” or go for “pro”. Pro gets you the fabulous PuzzleWhiz so you can start creating activity books straight away! Go straight to the BookBolt pricing page here (My affiliate code ‘podinscot’ will get you 20% recurring price for life. Instead 9.99 it will be 7.99 or 19.99 becomes 15.99)

Kittl – (formerly Heritage Design) asks us to “join the design revolution”. It makes it easy with an awesome array of glorious, super professional ready-made templates. Check out this Kittl blog and this Kittl vs Canva blog and the Kittl pricing page here.

Merch Informer – Check out Merch Informer for all your print on demand research and merch creation (or head straight to the Merch Informer pricing page) My affiliate code ‘podinscot‘ will get you 20% recurring price for life. Instead of $9.99 newbie it will be $7.99 or $59.99 becomes $47.99) – PlaceIt, by Envato is one of my fave places to nip to make a quick t-shirt. I sometimes will do the odd video or mockup but mostly it’s my Tee-Place as it were…

Printful – Custom printed & embroidered products Order custom products for yourself or sell them online under your own brand.

Publisher Rocket – This is a must have if you want to source the best keywords for your books and ebooks.It’s got other awesome features – like a ‘Competition Analyzer”, category search and tutorials too. It’s a one-off $97 bucks which made it a no brainer for me (Note: you have to VAT on top if you’re in the UK)

Tangent Templates – Another book tool that I highly recommend and use a lot. Not an affiliate link – just a kick ass site for your KDP business. I especially use it for quick planners (made in 30 seconds), to generate pen or brand names and for size guides.

TeePublic – My fave POD (print on demand platform) is probably TeePublic. I find it the quickest and easiest POD to upload to and as a result I have the most uploads here (and have made the most money on it). So I do recommend this one for sure. (I also use RedBubble but find their upload process a bit tedious). RB now owns TP.

Thea Newcomb's Websites, Blogging, & Shopping Tools with graphics

Websites, Blogging & Shopping Tools

Here are a few of my fave tools for better blogging.

Answer the Public is an amazing tool to find keywords to help you discover relevant words to use in your blog posts.

FatJoe Blog Title Generator – this is a fun one I love sharing in my blogging webinars (non affiliate).

IsItWP – This headline analyzer is super cool and free. Go plug in your next blog post and see how it scores you!

Namecheap – Grab your new domain name here. Good prices for domains!

SEO blog title generator – another fun one I love sharing in my blogging webinars (non affiliate).

Thrivecart – If you need a quick, not too pricy shopping cart solution why not try Thrivecart?

Thea's Links of Awesome Creative Resources

Creative Resources

Biodiversity Library – Head over to the Biodiversity Library’s FLICKR stream and you’ll find thousands of FREE images that you can use that are in the public domain. Do be careful there it’s super easy to get lost amongst all the collections of vintage-y imagery. You have been warned.

Creative Fabrica this is an amazing site to get your fonts, graphics, patterns, backgrounds and more – for FREE. They also have loads of paid elements and regular discounts. I seem to be buying something from them every week. Worth a look for sure.

Creative Market is another site I am regularly on. Both these Creative sites have amazingly enticing email lists that keep bringing me back again and again. As above this site is filled with graphics, fonts, templates, photos and more. A must. If you’re a creator, why not sign up for a CM Shop….

Free Design Resources from Design Bundles – Grab a wide array of vectors, fonts, lettering, mockups, photos, textures and more.

Designrr – Create ebooks fast with this awesome and inexpensive software. A lifetime basic package $27.00 makes it a no brainer. See their blog post ‘How to Write an Ebook in 7 Steps’.

Design Bundles – Oh wow is this an addictive website for fonts and graphics – especially their bundles. I can’t help but grab their freebies or buy bundles almost weekly. Here’s info on an unlimited Design Bundles plus account (See sister site fontbundles below)

Flat Icon – Download free icons and stickers for your projects. Resources made by and for designers. PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.

Gratisography – Awesome stock photo site that my buddy Roger Coles, Canva dude extraordinaire tipped me to.

Httpster: For any web designers needing inspa around website creation you might enjoy looking at other creator’s works.

Iconscout – New to me, thanks to another Canva CCC mentioning this one, I had a look and found it has such an amazing array of icons, 3D designs and illustrations. Not an affiliate link, just a cool site.

Icons8 – Another free resource for icons, illustrations, photos, music, and design tools.

Open Clip Art – Free resource. Open Clipart is an online media collection of more than 160 000 vectorial graphics, entirely in the public domain (even for unlimited commercial use).

Thea's music, photos and videos - royalty free goodness with woman in headphones

Pexels and Pixabay – I recommend both of these for FREE photos/videos/graphics etc (not affiliate links) – This is an interesting “Beautifully designed, easily editable templates to get your work done faster & smarter. Simply browse, search, save and download easy to use templates”.

Unsplash – Beautiful FREE images (A free resource so a non-affiliate link) – This is an amazing site that gives you 10 FREE tracks a month to download and use in your projects. As there were some Pro songs I wanted, I went ahead and upgraded for a year. (I use it for most of my videos over on my personal creations found on my Youtube Channel.)

Free Font Sources

Font Bundles  – This is the sister site to the Design Bundles above – oh so much good stuff.

Google Fonts – A place to download free commercial use fonts
1001 Free Fonts – Free Commercial Use Fonts

What the font? – From ‘My Fonts’, I love this for finding the name of a font or similar font.

Mockup Sites

Free-Mockups – Another nice site which claims to have the “biggest source of Free photorealistic Mockups online!”

Smart Mockups – Have you tried them in Canva? They’re FREE in Canva, but there are hundreds more if you upgrade to pro. What is it? “Professional product mockups for all your digital & printed projects Take your digital, print and apparel designs to a whole new level with our professional and easy-to-use product mockups of all categories.” – Try it FREE for 30 days!

Cool Folk to Follow & Tools to Try with Cat and smily orange

Cool Folk to Follow & Tools to Try

  • Detour Shirts – A person I have mentioned before on this blog. He’s awesome at Print on Demand videos so follow if you’re a POD person too!
  • The Futur – Over the past year I’ve become a fan of Chris Do – whether that’s videos, Clubhouse rooms or Twitter Spaces, it’s always valuable information dropping from him. It’s usually about careers, branding and the creative life. Nearly 2m subs! Wow.
  • Groove App – Get focused in 50 minute blocks and meet people from around the world with this awesome app.
  • Satori Graphics I’ve already featured him before on this blog but thought it was worth highlighting him again as a few of the above resources were recommendations from some of his videos. Subscribe to him if you’re a creative type.
  • Zen Watercooler and Crafty Stax – Same Canadian two Youtube channels – both great.
  • Earn cash back on your online sales via Quidco.

Summary & My Details

If you have any recommendations for platforms, tools or resources that I should add to this links page, then please let me know. Below find my many profiles and sites, if you’re interested in connecting.

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