Canva’s New Lottie Stickers – Customisable Animations

Lottie Stickers in Canva

Canva’s New Lottie Stickers

Do you love stickers? Then you’re going to love having a play with Canva’s newest Lottie stickers. Remember when you couldn’t change the colours of your Canva stickers? Well, these new animated stickers are now customisable. (Well most of them anyway!)

You may find my quick – voice free – demonstration of the lottie stickers useful to see the current sets available but please know this is all likely to change.

Incidentally the video also demonstrates two other COOL new features in Canva: “Element Timing” and “Color Wipe” transitions.

What are these Lottie files?

Lottie stickers (or files) are vector animations which allow you to, not only change their colours, but also to re-size stickers without losing their crispness! How awesome is that??

According to

Lottie is an open-source animation file format that’s tiny, high quality, scriptable, interactive, and can be manipulated at runtime…

Well, ok then…Moving on.

Finding Lottie Stickers in Canva

For now, November 2022, you need to search for specific keywords or search strings to find the files. That being said, I suspect that, before too long, that will not be the case. In my mind, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find the Lottie Stickers under their own section under animated graphics / stickers in due course. Here’s hoping…

You'll find all kinds of fun Lottie Stickers under Elements in Canva

2 Routes Find Lotties in Canva

As I mentioned, there are two main ways to find these awesome Lottie stickers in Canva. Both are under ‘Elements’.

1) In the first way you’re going to search for the keyword search string, for example, Celebration Monoline Icons” (see photo).

Once you do that you’ll need to adjust your search to ‘Graphics‘ and then choose ‘Animated‘.

Search Canva Elements for LOTTIE Celebration Monoline Icons

2) The other way to find these animations is by knowing the exact search set. In the same case as above, you’d go to ‘Elements‘ and paste in the search code which for the same stickers would be: ‘set:nAFMSKOKNik‘.*

*”Subject To Change”

As I always say, with anything to do with Canva, it’s all “Subject to Change”. Though you currently need to know the search phrases or the search sets to find the Lottie Stickers, I believe that very soon (heck it could be tomorrow!) that will change. I suspect that there will be an area under ‘Stickers” in Canva marked ‘Lottie’. Otherwise it will simply be too hard to find them.

In Conclusion

Well, that’s about it for another blog post and demonstration. I hope you find them as fun as I do. If you liked this, you may enjoy this Canva stickers tutorial post.

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