Tutorial: How to Make a Linkedin Banner in Canva – Fast and Free

Linkedin banner Made in Canva Fast and Free

Watch Tutorial: How to Make a Linkedin Banner in Canva Fast & Free

UPDATE APRIL 2024 – You can either watch this short tutorial or read the transcription (which was done by AI and so may be a bit odd in parts) 🙂

Make a Linkedin Banner Fast and Free in Canva

Hey everyone. It’s Thea here. A Canva Certified Creative. A Canva Verified Expert I am a trainer and affiliate based in Glasgow, Scotland.

And I’m just going to do a super quick tutorial for you on how to create a LinkedIn banner in Canva for free, super fast.

First Step: Head to Canva and Create a Canvas

So all you’re going to do is go to canva.com and you’re going to type in “LinkedIn banner”.

The other way to do it is you’d go Create a Design and do custom size.

And then you’d type in 1584 by 396.


So here we have our banner.

A Few Tips When Creating A Header

Now a few things that I want to point out. So I’m just gonna hit the letter “T” (Only T on the Keyboard) to bring up a text box. There you go. And I am going to change the colour. So that it’s on brand, of course.

And I’m going to change my text. Should I go yellow maybe?

We want to change our font. So in this case, so I’m just going to put my name up at the top. I generally do it this way. I mean, you do, you do,….you do do it however you want to do it, but this is generally how I do my LinkedIn banners.

Danger Zone in Linkedin Headers

Then what I wanted to really point out is that if I hit the letter “C” (Only T on the Keyboard). And again, you don’t have to hit the letter “C”, but I just wanted to kind of point out that often our kind of our profile photos are roughly there. Or they may be – around about the middle here.

So I always recommend that people avoid anything behind these two areas and really keep stuff over…

I’m gonna hit the letter “R” for a little shortcut to bring up a rectangle, keep your stuff, your most important stuff certainly, over to this, side, of one third of the screen. (the far right of the banner).

Drag a Photo or Elements in – If You Want

You could drag a photo in. So if we go to photos – we can just even just use this one. Drag that one into the background, and then we can again, keep our text over there and we can change our colors.

We’ll get rid of these guys now, or you could keep it solid and have it not just a solid color like this.

Here’s One I Made Earlier…

Now I’ve already kind of arranged one that I’m going to use for mine. Just to save some time. (In another browser), I’m just going to copy and paste (that’s control C) back over to here. Then “Control V” (to paste).

And there it is, but because I think the other was,…let’s go white background and see what we’ve got.

Final Summary and Warning

So roughly that’s kind of what I would recommend that you do keep your stuff across the top and to the right hand side of your screen – so that nothing cuts off because when it cuts off, it can sometimes cut off here in the middle.

Where it is sometimes on mobile devices.

Make a Linkedin Banner in Canva - Design Carefully
Warning: Your cover photo may appear differently in different areas on Linkedin and on different devices.

So I see a lot of people putting their logos or something right there. If you’re going to put a logo, I would either put it up here at the top. I think I could do that. I think I have one here, my canvas certified logo. Maybe just stick something like that around there, and then I’m “good to go”.

And all I would do is hit download and I’m going to leave it at PNG. You could choose a JPEG – if you want. I’ll leave it as the suggested PNG hit download. And then I would go over to my Linkedin. And upload it there.

Okay. So that’s all there is to it. That’s the right way in my humble opinion of how to make a LinkedIn banner for your profile.

Can I Help You?

I hope that helps. If I can help you with anything, just shoot me a message and I can make a tutorial just for you. Also, if you want to try and Canva Pro for free, just check the description or just message me whatever channel you’re looking at this on.

Okay. So until next time. I’m saying, “see ya”.

If you want to work with me to learn Canva – fast and live go here.

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