A Guided Hour of Meditation in Glasgow…

For Mindfulness in Glasgow

Meditate - it feels great - enjoy the serenity.

So yesterday, when wandering through Meetup, I discovered a Positive Thinking group that was holding a guided hour of meditation in Glasgow that sounded good to me, so I booked myself in for it.

It’s in a place called inner-Space on Glasgow’s High Street. I’ve heard about it, a lot, from some of my Mind/Body/Spirit-inclined friends here in the city.

‘Been meaning to rejoin some  classes on meditation in Glasgow for a while (and to Yoga too) and was really glad I did in the end.

So here are my quick thoughts the Guided Meditation Hour in Glasgow:

First of all, let me start by saying that I enjoyed it very much, even though it was not quite what I expected going into it…

1) It was “eyes open” meditation – staring at a white dot on a space-like screen with different audio clips (some long, some short) coming through the PA system. The voices were mostly-good and conducive to the relaxation process. (As a radio chick I am a bit picky about voices).

2) As it was all audio clips, there was no engagement, at all, with the people hosting it in within the hour. [Yes I guess I should have taken the hint with “guided meditation hour“].

3) Once the hour was over, people walked straight out of the room, and out the front door, back onto High Street. I guess I figured it would be like other Glasgow Meditation meet-ups that I’ve been to with a bit of a discussion (about our experiences of it), or little socializing after it, but there wasn’t, and sure, that’s fine.

My hope (dare I say “expectation”?) was to meet some new, like-minded people, who are into meditation in Glasgow, and that didn’t happen, which, again, is totally fine.

Not bad, just different.

Summary of Guided Meditation Hour

Total beginners (like me) may find sitting and meditating for an hour straight a wee bit challenging. To be fair it was a good challenge. Was certainly different!

I’ll definitely go again, and do recommend this “eyes open” meditation hour. I felt pretty chilled after leaving it. It was a better way of spending my hour than stewing with the mental chatter that was cluttering up my mind.

I’m determined to get into a daily practice as my life just feels calmer when I do.

What about you? Do you meditate? Alone? In a group? Or both?

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