Microsoft and Canva Import at Last

Canva Update: Feb 2022 Microsoft and Canva Import at Last

Microsoft and Canva Import at Last!

Hey Canva lovers, I am super-excited (as always) to announce a few pieces of news that have been rolling out in the past week or two. The first, is arguably the biggest: Microsoft and Canva have been united at last!! Hoorah!

While we’re here, I’ll also share a few other pieces of news on the Canva front too. There have been updates like page hiding, image tagging and tables too! Oh and in other news, in addition to Canva, I am now an ambassador for a synergistic brand…Read on for all the news!

OpenDocument and Microsoft and Canva Imports at LastImport Microsoft Files Into Canva

In the past, I (and many others no doubt) have wanted to be able to import PowerPoint and Word docs directly into Canva. So good news all you Microsoft peeps, get ready to bring your Microsoft Word (.doc & .docx), Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt), Microsoft Excel (.xls & .xlsx) files straight into Canva.

In the spirit of transparency, I’ve not actually used this feature because yet, I don’t use any Microsoft products. Previously, if you wanted to bring a Word or PPT document – you had to open it (for me it opened in Pages or Keynote or in Google Apps) and then export as PDF. Then we could import that.

For a while now, we’ve had integration with Google Sheets in Charts – another feature I’ve not personally had much need for but can wholly see the benefit.

NOTE: In addition to the Microsoft formats, you can also import: OpenDocument Graphics (.odg), OpenDocument Presentations (.odp), OpenDocument Spreadsheets (.ods) OpenDocument Text (.odt)  

Tables Now in Canva - Find them Under Elements -

Recently, on social media, I shared my excitement of tables integration into Canva. This was another feature that evoked delight to many Canva users, especially those who create workbooks, logbooks and checklists and that sort of thing. It’s a time-saving feature to be sure. Before, you had to create a box and duplicate many times and then align and group etc.

To find them simply head to ‘Elements‘ and scroll down until you reach ‘Tables‘.

Tag Images Now in Canva ProSay “Hello” to Image Tagging

This is one new update I really welcome. It’s the ability to rename your image files and add tags. At the moment, it may not do too much once you do, but it will. I understand, from the search team, that better search filters are coming our way soon. Hooray.

The downside to this is that I have tens of thousands of images already uploaded into Canva, so it’s gonna take a minute to rename and tag them…

NOTE: Though Enterprise has has this feature for a while, this update is only for people with Canva Pro or Education accounts. (If you want, you can grab a FREE 45-Day Canva Pro trial here).

Page Hiding in Canva PresentationsCanva Presentations – Page Hiding is Here

For those of you who use Canva Presentations, you may appreciate this new feature – page hiding. What is it? Well it’s the ability to have “hide” certain pages when you’re delivering a presentation.

As someone who does all her presentations in Canva, and sometimes presents the same info to different audiences, I can see the added benefit of this one. It can mean having only one presentation instead of needing to make a copy after copy.

In my case, I may deliver “Creating Killer Graphics in Canva” for several different regions across the country, and thus have different version of the same presentation, with only one slide or two different slides in each…

Thea Newcomb SmartMockupsI’m Now a SmartMockups Ambassador too!

So my (personal) exciting news is that earlier this week, I became a SmartMockups ambassador too and with it, like Canva means I can offer you an extended FREE trial!

What is SmartMockups? “Smartmockups enables you to create stunning high-resolution mockups right inside your browser within one interface across multiple devices.”

Regulars to my blog may have already seen that I posted a SmartMockups blog at the time of their integration with Canva in the summer of 2021. I often tell my delegates that I was a bit ambivalent about their integration,…Until I began to have a play. You can use SmartMockups for FREE in Canva. There are over 150 mockups for phones, computers, laptops, cards, frames/posters, books, apparel and mugs.

If you sign up for a FREE SmartMockup account on their website you get about 200 FREE mockups. With a Pro account you get over 10,500. So if you have products or designs that might benefit from mockups, it’s worth it. I’ve been diving DEEP into SM this week. Colour me impressed.

As an ambassador, I can offer my readers a FREE 30-Day SmartMockups Trial. I think their trial is only 7 usually?

In Summary

Well, that’s most of the updates I have for you. I didn’t cover everything. I’ll be back soon with even more updates on the way from Canva and possibly SmartMockups too.

Before you go, I recommend that you swing by my Links page. It has an amazing array of recommended tools, sites, freebies, resources, free trials, etc – for marketers, creatives and bloggers. I’ve been working hard on it this week, and it has some real gems. Some affiliate – some not – but all 100% useful. I’ll be adding to it weekly, I suspect. If you have any tools I should investigate, let me know in the comments below. See ya next time.

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