PowerPoint is Pointless – Use Prezi or Canva

Forget PowerPoint Use Prezi or Canva

Use Prezi or Canva

Update 2022: For content, images and links…

Well, before I begin, this is an updated opinion piece on presentations. It’s about Prezi which I haven’t used for years…but even it is better than PowerPoint – at least for the viewer.

I’d been to quite a few conferences/events over the years (both in Scotland and in Silicon Valley) and was quite frankly startled that 99% of the talks that I saw given still use PowerPoint.

Frankly is just feels so 90s to use Powerpoint still. (Remember I said this is just an opinion piece – you may love PowerPoint…to each their own and all that.)

NSDesign Uses Prezi

Over the last three years in working with NSDesign, I’ve seen what really good presentations can look like. Oh and they’re done in Prezi. They’re slick, attractive and engaging – if done right. Yes, it’s true that if you over do it on Prezi, you can make people a bit feel sick. Nine times out of ten when I’ve delivered my sessions in Prezi, people have asked me what the software I used was. Attendees love it. Well, as much as anyone can “love” presentation software that is. . .

Life After Death By PowerPoint

Now, if you 1) loathe PowerPoint as much as me and 2) love to laugh – then you have to grab a tea or coffee (or beverage of your choice) and get a load of this. It did make me laugh so at least PowerPoint is good for something….

Hilarious or what?

Doing Presentations?

I recommend that you try Canva for presentations. In the spirt of transparency I am a Canva trainer and have been an ambassador for several years. There are so many templates and so much you can do with Canva presentations. There even some fun little shortcuts too.

Before you go, if you love cool recommendations for resources, tools, extended trials and more then please swing by my Links page.

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