Mixcloud Chronicles: Celebrating 39 Uploads Including 3 Festive Mixes

Uncover 'Mixcloud Chronicles': My festive Christmas Crackers

Mixcloud Chronicles

As the rain falls outside, marking the fifth anniversary of my father’s passing, I find myself reflecting on my journey with Mixcloud. Today isn’t just about remembrance; it’s also about the celebration of milestones. Forty uploads – or, to be precise, 39 unique shows – have been my companions through this journey of sound since the summer. From the Joyful Journeys to the Radio Archives spanning more than three decades, and not forgetting the festive cheer of the Christmas Crackers series, each upload has been a piece of my sonic story. This post will highlight some stats, some shows and path for ’24.

Mixcloud Stats

The journey on Mixcloud has been an exciting but slow one. It has been filled with milestones and memories. Charting in various genres, the listens have accumulated, with thousands of minutes spent in the company of tunes that span years and emotions. Every play, every listener, brings a connection, a shared moment in time. The stats are not just numbers; they are echoes of the resonances these mixes have found in the hearts of listeners.

As of this moment – 33 followers (man is it hard to get followers on Mixcloud!!), 99 “favorites“. 487 plays and almost 8000 total minutes listened. This week has seen a few listeners tuning in from Perth Australia (Hi Fiona!), Scotland, Dublin, Ohio (Hey Kimba), Cindy in LA and Bill in Aberdeen too.

Vol 1: Mostly Melancholy Moments

This past week marked the creation of three special mixes in Thea’s Christmas Crackers’ series. Volume 1, ‘Mostly Melancholy Moments was a compact yet heartwarming venture into holiday music. At 35 minutes, it offered a thoughtful blend of festive tunes, leaning towards the more somber and reflective side of the season.

This mix, featuring a selection of not-so-typical Christmas songs, brought both solace and a subdued celebration, perfect for those introspective moments during the holiday season. It’s a collection where each melody delicately balances festivity with contemplation, echoing the varied emotions this time of year can evoke.

You can stream it right here:

Vol 2: Festive Beats & Unconventional Treats

Following the reflective mood of the first volume, ‘Thea’s Christmas Crackers Vol 2’ shifts gear into a more upbeat territory. ‘Festive Beats & Unconventional Treats’ is an hour-long celebration, blending joyous rhythms with a touch of the unconventional. This mix is all about embracing the lively side of the holiday season, featuring a vibrant array of tracks that span various genres, yet all hold true to the festive theme. From toe-tapping numbers to off-the-beaten-path holiday tunes, it’s a compilation that breaks away from traditional Christmas music, offering a fresh and spirited take on holiday cheer.

You can stream it right here.

Vol 3: Festive Melodies & Memories

Completing the trilogy, ‘Thea’s Christmas Crackers Vol 3’ is the most expansive mix yet, spanning an hour and 18 minutes. This volume, titled ‘Melodies & Memories’, intertwines the joy of Christmas with poignant recollections. It includes a rich tapestry of songs, from chart-topping hits like Chris Rea’s ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ to more obscure, yet equally captivating, winter-themed tracks. The mix features an array of artists who have left an indelible mark on the music world, some of whom are no longer with us. Their legacy lives on in this mix, offering a moment to celebrate not just the holiday season, but also the enduring power of music to connect us across time and space.

You can stream it right here.

Summary and Looking Ahead

As I close this update on my Mixcloud journey, I ponder the path ahead. The Twixmas week – the quiet time between Christmas and New Year – looms, offering a space for both reflection and anticipation. What will the next mix be? Perhaps a blend of reflection and celebration to usher in the new year. Stay tuned, as the journey of sound and soul continues.

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