Mixcloud.com – My Journey Week 1

My MixCloud Journey Week 1

My Journey Week 1

I thought I’d start a weekly(ish) blog documenting my journey with Mixcloud. I’ve had a profile on Mixcloud for many years — so long, in fact, that I’ve forgotten the login details for one of my oldest account.

Since the start of lockdown, I’ve been hangin’ on the platform more often, listening to ’80s shows by Generic Male DJs, as well as radio broadcasts from my junior high and high school days (KSJO, KOME, and KQAK – The Quake). But a few weeks ago, it occurred to me: “Why not set up an account for your own uploads, Thea?” And that’s exactly what I did, as detailed in this inaugural post.

I Went Pro…

So, I signed up for Mixcloud Pro (and naturally, right after doing so, I spotted an affiliate link offering 6 months at half price or something similar – just my luck!). Still, at £79, I believe it’s good value. With it, you gain access to statistics, have the ability to monetise through tips and subscriptions, and even host live shows, which I aim to delve into eventually.

Two Types of Uploads 

Currently, I’m focusing on uploading two types of content:
1) my original mixtapes and compilations (from the ’80s & ’90s mostly) – called Joyful Journeys
2) radio archives, primarily my own, spanning from 1989 to the present. – called Radio Archive

I have now worked out an upload schedule.

  • Every Tuesday I’ll upload some sort of radio show from 1989 to present (probably more of the recent ones as I have many on CD).
  • Every Friday there will be a mix uploaded – 80s-2000s mostly as that’s when I was deep in mixtape mode.

Also I’ve written my first MixCloud blog post and have taken some real time writing each description so if you swing by, make sure you take a gander.

Thea’s Teac 850

New Teac 850 Tape Deck, USB, CD recorder on desk with stereo

After several days of using a pretty crappy cassette converter, I made a big decision. I opted to purchase a high quality Cassette/CD/USB Recorder – the Teac AD- 850 SE. (That’s a Amazon UK affiliate link. Amazon US is here).

Thankfully I had an old stereo gathering dust in my kitchen so I could rig it up to transfer my music. It was a bit of a “faff” to set it all up, but my life hasn’t been the same since I did. It truly is a joyous piece of kit. I began recording all of my tapes onto the USB stick. Once doneI then transfer them to my computer and open Audacity to edit and “top and tale” the uploads. Fabulous.

Week One Progress

My mixcloud week one stats - August 2023

In just over a week, the stats show some promising figures. (Screenshot was just 7 days). I’ve garnered 11 followers and achieved 45 plays, amounting to 733 minutes of listening time. I’ve also received a few emails indicating my ‘chart position’. My peak position so far? 46th in the New Wave charts with my first mixtape upload. But, to be honest, the sound quality of the second one outdid the first. In fact, I’ve contemplated re-recording the initial mix; the new Teac I’ve acquired for music transfer has drastically enhanced the sound quality.

Also I note with interest that more people in the UK than the US have been listening…at least logged in. With MixCloud I can only see the users who are logged in obviously.

The Four Uploads So Far

That’s all for now. Here is a direct link to the four shows that have been uploaded so far.

  1. Joyful Journeys #001 Original 80s Cassette Comp (remake version)
  2. Radio Archive The Radio Six International 60th Anniversary show – where all songs have “radio” or “DJ” in the title. Recorded April 2023 on the island of Lismore it’s a feel good and quite quirky mix-o-music.
  3. Radio Archive: Radio Six International New/Alternative Music show from July 2020. This show was recorded in Glasgow, in the earlyish days of the pandemic. As ever I featured acts/bands from around the world.
  4. Joyful Journey #002 – An 80s Bedroom Mix (circa 1990). I didn’t have the date on this but it was mixed and I would guess it was made in my bedroom in Cupertino. It’s a good mix of music, if I do say so myself.

Here’s the link to the main Mixes by Thea profile on MixCloud. Hope you enjoy the Journey.

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