Mixcloud Moments – 7 Weeks In

Mixcloud Moments - 7 week in

Mixcloud Moments – Week Seven

Another Week, Another Musical Memory Lane! Hey, my tuneful tribe! It’s that time of the week again when I spill the beans about my recent melodious escapades on Mixcloud. Today I’ll unwrap this past week, check out the rhythm of our growth, and even steal a sneaky peek at what might await us next week!

Radiating Radio Archives – Alt.Bites of 2011

Taking you back a decade (or so), this Radio Six International segment showcases some of my all-time alternative favourites from 2011. Be it head-bobbing beats or foot-tapping tempos, this curation promises a trip down a rather diverse memory lane. And you know what’s the best part? You can hit play right here and let those musical waves crash over you.
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Joyful Journey – All About the Weather

Now, let’s talk about our ‘Joyful Journey’. This week’s cassette trip took us back to 1991 with a bedroom mix – all things Sun, Moon, and Rain. A melodious tribute to the skies, this mix captures the very essence of nature in musical notes, highlighting the bridge between the vibrant ’80s and the nascent ’90s. Fancy a weather-inspired dance? Well, it’s just a click away!

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Crunching The Numbers

As I look back on the seventh week of our Mixcloud journey, the numbers have begun to harmonise beautifully. I have hit the sweet note of 20 followers (you lovely lot!) and clocked up 187 plays. Together, we’ve spent over 3,700 minutes reliving musical memories — that’s dedication! The majority of our melody enthusiasts are tuning in from the US, UK, and Ireland. However, I’ve had the delightful surprise of streams from unexpected regions: a big shout out to those dialling in from Russia and Ukraine! Every play, every minute, reaffirms our shared passion for music. Keep those beats coming!

Conclusion: A Little Tease for Your Ears…

So, two things to tell you. The first is that I have a new Mixes by Thea Facebook Profile (did you know you can now have 4 sub-profiles on FB that are linked to your personal account?) Secondly, let’s talk about what’s in the box for next week! As I rummage through my tape treasure trove, I sense a theme of love looming. Those mellow ’80s (and possibly ’90s) love songs might just be making a grand appearance. Get those dancing shoes (or slippers) ready, and keep those notifications on! Remember, every cassette has a story, and I can’t wait to share the next chapter with you.

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