Mixcloud Reflections: 30 Uploads and Counting

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Mixcloud Reflections

Hello music lovers! As I reflect on the past 14 weeks of sharing my Mixcloud journey with you, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit. Starting now, I’ll be bringing you updates every two weeks (or maybe even monthly), allowing for a richer and more varied look at my sonic explorations. This shift means each post will be packed with more insights, more music, and, of course, my latest uploads for you to enjoy. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into this latest instalment of tunes and tales from my world of music.

There’s not much to report on stats this week but some totals:
Picked up one more follower, 435 plays and 6765 minutes listened. 78 total favourites. Top listeners in Dublin, LA and Kilmarnock.

Radio Six International – A Kissing Mix

‘Radio Archive #015, A Kissing Mix’, takes us on a nostalgic journey through love songs spanning from the ’80s to the 2000s. This eclectic mix, brimming with tracks from the UK to the USA, celebrates the art of the kiss across genres – from pop ballads and rock anthems to alt-country tunes. Despite its sonic quirks and unique edits, it’s a delightful ode to romance’s most classic move. While its exact air date remains a mystery, the timeless charm of these ‘kiss’ themed songs is unmistakable. Enjoy the journey and share your thoughts on these affectionate melodies!

The Joyful Journey of the Week…

Relax with ‘Joyful Journey #015’, a mix that encapsulates the Scottish concept of Còsagach, akin to a warm, snug embrace. Previously known as ‘Mellow Music #9’, this compilation was recorded as the ’80s transitioned into the early ’90s, offering a cosy soundtrack for autumn evenings. It features a selection of my all-time favourite artists, like Nick Heyward, Aztec Camera, and Everything but the Girl, each song a cherished note in my personal melody. There’s even a surprise appearance from Lenny Kravitz, adding an unexpected twist. With the nostalgic crackle of vinyl in the background, this playlist is akin to a comforting warm drink on a chilly night. It’s more than just music; it’s a journey towards warmth and snugness, embodying the essence of Còsagach. Enjoy the vibes and let me know your thoughts

In Summary…

As we wrap up this week’s reflections on Mixcloud, I’m already deep into sifting through stacks of CDs, and cassettes, and scouring hard drives for the next treasures to share. This journey through music isn’t just about revisiting the past; it’s a labour of love, unearthing hidden gems and forgotten melodies to bring them back into the light.

The upcoming uploads are shaping up to be a diverse and exciting mix, so stay tuned for more sonic adventures. As always, I appreciate your company on this musical voyage. Until the next tune, keep the nostalgia alive and your playlists ever-growing!

Here’s last week’s update.

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