Mixcloud Week 11: Heavenly Harmonies and Eclectic Mixes

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Mixcloud Week 11 – Recap

Another week has flown by, and here we are at Week 11 on Mixcloud, a perfect rhyme for heaven because that’s exactly where our musical journey took us! From Scottish landscapes to melancholic tunes from the ’90s, there was no shortage of auditory delights. Let’s look at this week’s uploads, our chart-topping moments, and some exciting stats! Oh and if you missed it, Week 10’s recap is here.

Stats of the Week

Starting with the stats, we welcomed a new follower – shoutout to my buddy Jim in LA – and a new listener, Miguel, from Mexico. The award for the most dedicated listener goes to Andy in Glasgow, with Cindy in Westminster coming in at a close second. Total listening time has reached a whopping 5412 minutes, with 260 of those just this week. Friday was the busiest day, proving that the end of the week is when people are most in need of some good tunes.

Radio Archive of the Week

First up in the week’s uploads, was my Radio Archive from Radio Six International (2011) Sounds Across Écosse. This show was a beautiful ode to Scotland, taking you from the bustling streets of Glasgow to the tranquil shores of Skye and the mystical isle of Lewis. It features several acts from the legendary Stow College record label, Electric Honey, showcasing Scotland’s rich musical heritage. Allow the rhythms and melodies from a decade ago to transport you to the captivating landscapes of Scotland.

A Harvest-Inspired Joyful Journey

Last week’s ‘Joyful Journey’ took us back to 1994 with ‘October Sounds,’ a compilation reflecting my solitude and introspection during challenging times.

The mixtape, featuring the melodies of Soul Asylum, REM, and Mazzy Star, is a nostalgic trip through the ’90s, embodying loneliness and inner turmoil. It’s a testament to the power of music in providing solace and strength. ‘October Sounds’ reached #9 in the Acoustic Rock Charts and broke the top 100 in the 1990s chart, and I aim to climb even higher next time!

That’s a Wrap and Looking Ahead

As we wrap up this week’s recap, stay tuned for next week’s Joyful Journey, which might just take us to Ireland for a mix I’ve dubbed Shamrock N Roll. Radio wise, for this week’s archive is up in the air. I must figure that one out soon eh?

Until next tune, happy listening and thank you for being part of this incredible musical journey!

Let me know what you think of the uploads and what they remind you of! I’d love to hear if they spark any memories for you too! xo

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