Gaining Ground: Mixcloud Week 2 Recap

Mixes by Thea Week 2 update on Mixcloud

Gaining Ground on Mixcloud

Another week has passed on my Mixcloud adventure, and though it might seem like a quiet one for ‘Mixes by Thea‘, there’s always something brewing behind the scenes.

This week, I welcomed a new follower to the fold – and if you’re reading this, a huge thank you for joining the journey! Every single listener brings a unique energy, making this experience even more rewarding. (Hopefully for all of us!)

Racking Up the Listening Minutes

Have now amassed over 1031 minutes of listening since kickstarting this venture! That equates to more than 17 hours of interwoven melodies and memories. Thanks for letting my ‘Joyful Journeys’ and old radio shows be a part of your musical landscape.

This Week’s Sonic Postcards*

Two unique uploads graced the channel this week. A 2005 broadcast from my radio heyday, on Q96, encapsulating the essence of that era.

The second was a distinctive 1995 mixtape, laden with alternative rhythms from Australia, the UK, and North America.

Both serve as sound-filled time capsules for different phases of my life. Though this mix was made as my marriage was unraveling, there were still moments of optimism and light amidst these tunes. The songs now bring me joy not sorrow…

A Mysterious Listener from Manchester

Interestingly, my top listener hails from Manchester (and I don’t know anyone there I don’t think!) It’s always a pleasant surprise to discover your music resonating in places you least expect. A wee grateful nod to this Madchester music aficionado – your presence is felt and appreciated – whoever you are. 🙂

Looking Ahead

Each ‘Joyful Journey‘ isn’t merely an auditory experience; it’s an emotional voyage through time. With more exciting content lined up, stay tuned for further mixtape and radio show magic in the upcoming weeks!

I’m in the process of trying to decide which two uploads will grace the channel this week. I have also been playing with some ideas for marketing and merch.nHere are some examples on mockups from Canva and Not sure anyone would dig these designs, but they tickle me to bits!

Mixes by Thea Merch - sweatshirt and Mug

Well not much more to mention. There were over 60 plays of my uploads. Manchester, Westminster (California, Hi Cindy!) and Les Milles, France were my top cities. UK, US, Ireland, France and Antigua (Hi Annisha!) – my top 5 countries! If you missed my first Mixcloud Journey Week 1 blog here. And the previous post – Mixes by Thea Spreading Joy, one upload at a time through Mixcloud.

* Hat tip to Iain for that lovely little phrase 🙂

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