From Vintage Radio Days to Quake-Inspired ’80s: Mixcloud Week 3 Recap

Mixes by Thea Mixcloud Week 3 Recap

Mixcloud Week 3 Recap

I’m back with my Mixcloud Week 3 recap. In this brief post, I’ll dive into a week of enthralling mixes, from a nostalgic ‘Saturday Sunset’ radio archive to a nostalgic’ ’80s set inspired by the Quake (KQAK San Francisco in the early ’80s). I’ll delve into the numbers and even give a shoutout or two too. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Celebrating the Numbers

Mixcloud Week 3 Stats

So this week, it looks like I gained just one follower – again – which I believe was my friend Jay. Do friends count? Heck, why not? Sure, let’s count him… Especially considering most of my other followers so far are also my friends*!

My top listener is an anonymous person from Manchester (thank you!). In the 2nd regional spot, we have Little Rock. I’m not entirely sure I know anyone in Arkansas. Could it be my Groove buddy, Megan? I can’t be certain, but I’m grateful to whoever it is. Speaking of Groove**, my top two listeners are from there – so thank you, Cindy and Bill! You’re the best! A few more numbers: 89 plays and 1,548 total minutes listened…

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane: “The Saturday Sunset on Q96”

This week we journeyed back to August 21, 1993, with the Radio Archive upload of “The Saturday Sunset on Q96”. It’s been thirty years since this golden era, a time when I had just made the country my home and was a fresh voice on the radio station. A shadow of personal loss cast over me, having lost my mother just over a month prior. Yet, the young and seemingly cheerful version of me on the airwaves is a bittersweet reminder of resilience. Despite the personal undertones, the mix is a gem and has soared to #41 their Easy Listening charts, making it a heartwarming favourite. Stream it below!

Oh and this just in: “Congrats! You’re 58th in the global Alternative Rock charts!” That’s fun.

Joyful Journey #004: An Ode to the ’80s and the Quake

Friday saw the release of “Joyful Journey”, a nostalgic trip to the ’80s. This mix, inspired by the ephemeral vibes of San Francisco’s Quake station, is a masterful fusion of alternative rock, pop, and the iconic synth sounds that defined a generation. Yes, there were a few sound hiccups, but that’s part of the charm, right? Wonky levels aside, it’s the heart and soul of the mix that shone through, making it a true blast from the past. I absolutely love this one and you lovers of the ’80s will too, I hope.

Gearing Up for Another Exciting Week

As we wrap up, a hint of anticipation fills the air. Next week promises more audio adventures, with a lineup of both Radio and Cassette Mixes that will transport you through time and genres. I am not sure where we will land – 80s or 90s but it will likely be one of those…Whether you’re a vintage radio enthusiast or a modern mix maven, “Mixes by Thea” has something special in store for you. Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for being a part of our melodious journey. Oh, one last thing worth discussing…

Is MixCloud Worth it?

* One might question if it’s worth continuing when I’m only gaining one subscriber a week and not making any money from it. That’s a valid question, to be sure. Taking into account the joy I derive from running my ‘Mixes by Thea’ MixCloud account, I feel it’s worth it. In a month (or five), if I haven’t broken 20 followers, I might feel differently. But for now, it’s not about the follower count; it’s more about the joyful journey

PS: In case you missed it you can find my previous posts here: Mixcloud Week 1 post and Week 2.

PPS: Wanna co-work together in Groove**? It’s the new digital co-working space I’m loving. If you sign up with my link you don’t have to apply to join.

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