My Journey on Mixcloud – 4 Weeks In

My Journey on Mixcloud 1 Month In - posters on brick wall promoting Mixes By Thea

My Journey on Mixcloud Pro – 1 Month In

As I hit the one-month mark on my journey on Mixcloud, the road has been rockier than expected despite regular social media promotion. In today’s post, I’ll share some sobering stats, and give you the lowdown on this week’s uploads: an acoustic time capsule from 2010 for Radio Six International and a ‘Joyful Journey’ mix that’s a ’90s-infused rollercoaster with some ’80s flair. Stick around to dive deeper into these compelling soundscapes and to find out whether my Mixcloud adventure will continue beyond this year…

My journey on mixcloud - one month stats with screenshot of numbersSome Numbers – Followers, Plays, Minutes Listened

Ok so let’s see how we’re doing compared to last week’s post. Looks like just one new follower, again. 114 total plays. Just passed 2001 minutes listened and have 22 favourites. Admittedly some of those are from my previous Mixcloud account and my dear friend Cindy in LA. Thanks Cindy – you’re the best. Streamers streamed from Manchester (“hello” whoever you are!), LA, Kimba in Ohio, Coventry, Glasgow and New Milton too. I guess I need to promote the shows a bit more in other places because they are not really being discovered on Mixcloud.

Well let’s move on to this week’s uploads…

Radio Archive of the Week

Step back in time with this week’s Radio Archive from 2010, a mostly acoustic affair featuring timeless tracks that far outweigh the slightly dodgy sound quality. From heartfelt strums to compelling vocal performances, it’s a nostalgic trip worth taking for the gems hidden within.

Joyful Journey #005 – Mainly 90s Retro Rock Revival

Hit ‘play’ on this week’s ‘Joyful Journey,’ a transatlantic ride fuelled by Alternative ’90s and iconic ’80s tunes. From Glasgow grunge to Georgia’s jangle, it’s an Anglo-Brit cocktail that’ll have you reaching for your metaphorical Walkman. Don’t miss this nostalgic, rock-infused trip!

In Summary

Still loving my groovy trips down memory lane with cassettes and radio gems! Thought I’d have a bigger crowd jamming with me by now, but hey, the show must go on. I’m tuning up for a few more months, fingers crossed for more foot-tapping fans ahead. Big thanks to all you fabulous listeners!

Pro tip: I’ve polished up my debut ‘Joyful Journey,’ ditching the dodgy digitiser version for my slick Teac 850 version. Will add link once the new version is uploaded, ok? Ok!

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