My Top Book Bolt Features – Plus a Black Friday 2021 Amazing Deal

Book Bolt Features Black Friday 2021 Special Offer

My Top Book Bolt Features & a Very Special Offer

Updated:Jan 2021 to remove Black Friday links.

Hey everyone it’s Thea here with another blog about book creation. Book Bolt is a tool that I have used for a few years now (since it started, I think?) It has a lot of fantastic features – way more than I actually even use…So today I want to just focus on the Book Bolt features that I use every time I am creating a book for KDP.

A Quick Overview of the BB Features

Something that is helpful about BB is the fact that the top left of your screen you’ll see ‘Tutorials‘ and it has short form content (under 5 mins) demonstrating how to use its features. Those will be particularly useful if you’re new to BB.

Ok, so let’s look at some of those overall features available and then we’ll focus on the ones that I personally use all the time

Inside BB’s dashboard you’ll have two areas of options on the left-hand side bar and at the top right – just under your name and personal icon. I won’t list all of these as if you’re reading this you already know how to read…but, that being said…

Book Bolt Lister Chrome Extension - upload books fast to KDP
Top Right:
  • KDP Spy
  • KDP Categories Finder
  • Book Bolt Lister
  • Book Bolt Designer (a cover and/or interior creator)
  • Bolt Mass Cover Converter
  • PuzzleWiz

Book bolt features - keywords, lister and moreCreating Books Fast in BB

Naturally being a Canva gal (one of less than 200 brand ambassadors in the world), I tend to make most of my covers and interiors in that.

That being said, sometimes I actually do download single pages and import them into Canva to add photos or icons – to make them different. Other than blank lines, I don’t like just uploading a downloaded interior from anywhere.

If you are not already proficient creating KDP books in Canva, like I am, then this will save you a lot of time and energy. In BB, you can make several books super fast. You can also create different sizes of your interiors with just a couple of clicks too. That right there is probably worth the membership price – alone.

Top Book Bolt features - like the book designer for covers and interiors in just a few clicks
Top Left:
  • Tutorials
  • Product Search
  • Seller Search
  • Cloud
  • Book Scout
  • Favorites
  • Keywords
  • KDP Spy
  • BookBolt Lister
  • Bolt Mass Cover Converter
  • PuzzleWiz

Now to the Book Bolt Features I Use Often

So here are the tools inside of Book Bolt that I use most often. Again they’re all pretty nifty, but I have so little time, I just tend to focus on the tools I already “know” and am slowly starting to watch the different tutorials and dabble with the others as time allows. Besides, I am admittedly CRAP at doing research for Merch and KDP.

  • The KDP Categories Finder
Firstly, the Categories Finder is one I use all the time. Frankly, I find that trying to spool through KDP to find the right categories is absolute pain in the back side. Serious drag. They should have it contain a search option but no it’s a laborious task.
book bold keywords research
  • The BookBolt Cloud & Keywords
When I actually do take time to do research, these are the two I really focus on. They each really help me to find some relevant words when listing my books in KDP. For some reason, my brain always stalls at the seven boxes in the back end of KDP…Is it just me?
Each time I am uploading a book to Amazon, I like to take a look at keywords being used on other similar titles. Sometimes I check to look at the best sellers to see their covers their titles and their pricing strategy.

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