New Canva Licensing Page Launched Today

New Canva Licensing Page October 21

New Canva Licensing

Wow two posts in one week –  I am on a roll! Just a quick post today in reference to a new Canva licensing page that has been launched earlier. I suspect this post will grow and possibly even be a place to ask your questions if you have any. I can relay them to my contacts at Canva to get answers if any remain after reading this.

The Good News

Let’s start with some good news and a bit of clarity.

“You can use our content in a Canva design, for a wide range of personal and commercial uses.”

As someone who spends most of their time creating print on demand products, it’s good to be getting some more information about this.

“You can use our content in marketing or social media or even sell merchandise with your design on it.”

Before using media from Canva’s library be sure you alter it.Don’t try to sell any graphic or photo as is, on its own. be sure you that you alter it.   Alter your canva design before using it commercially

Logos and Trademarks The bit that explicitly talks about Logos and Trademarks will be of interest to many of my readers who are in fact small business owners. 

“A trademark has to be a unique symbol which is exclusively used by a brand owner. For that reason, you cannot use any Free or Pro content from Canva’s library in a trademark (except for fonts, basic shapes and lines)…” 

Go to the Canva Licensing page to read the full explanation on this matter. This has always been an area of confusion for small business owners.

It’s helpful to see the explanation and clarity of how you can use Canva to create a logo that is able to be trademarked. Namely by using their fonts, generic shapes and integrating your own graphics. Kapiche?

Selling Templates

This is another area that may interest some of my readers. If you’re a content creator who’s selling templates and not part of Canva’s own creator program you may find it worthwhile to join. You can create templates and sell them on places like Etsy, Creative Market, or on your own website (like my fellow CCC Agata who has amazing Canva templates for social media for sale)…to name but a few. There will be some rules you will need to follow (directing traffic back to Canva), so to stay on the right side, I’d start with the Canva Creators page first. (This is not my area of expertise at all).

Music in Advertising

Did you know you can use Canva’s own music in your videos. Thousands of tracks too (way more in Canva Pro obviously). You’ll want to read the full terms on this area as well. As a rule of thumb when using any of Canva’s music for your videos that you share on social, be sure to connect your Canva account to the various channels.

In Summary

This new licensing page should offer a lot more clarity on the commercial use of Canva but if it doesn’t, there are two options for you right now. 1) Read the full Canva Licensing agreement here. Secondly if you have a specific question, I can try to raise it with my Canva colleagues in the CCC group.

There are many changes going on behind the scenes with Canva Affiliates (aka champions) and Ambassadors (formerly CCCs) which I am not allowed to speak about just yet but some big things are coming so as they say “watch this space”.

Other Links That May Be Useful

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Grab a FREE Canva Pro Trial here and test drive if now.

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