My New Challenge – Coffee

My New Challenge is...Coffee

My New Challenge is…Coffee

Updated: 2021 – This post is an archive post and I decided against the Coffee spinoff business….

Well, OK, here we go again. It’s obvious that I do like a new challenge. This time it’s coffee for me, rather ironically. Read on to see what I mean by that…

It may be the time of year…but just to keep things interesting in my life, I am embarking on a new journey…but even so they all seem to come together in a way that makes sense to me.

Exactly two years ago this month I joined Younique and began selling makeup and to be honest, I wasn’t ever really “into makeup”. Truth be told, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, but overall I am really glad I did it.

To this day, I remain a Presenter/Sponsor – though much less active than I once was.

This is due to a variety of circumstances that I’ll not bore you with now…

Cosmetics to Cards

Then, last year, in October I was delivering some workshops on the Isle of Lewis where  I had a woman on the course who was a Phoenix Trader. I returned back down from Stornoway and without giving it too much thought, I joined Phoenix Trading.

I joined Phoenix not because I wanted to work another business as such. I joined because I enjoy sending greeting cards and, well, I like receiving them too. Who doesn’t?

Anyway joining up made perfect sense. I talk more about that experience on my 1-year Phoenix anniversary. If you are interested on learning more about my experience with that…

As I say, Phoenix has never been a business I’ve actively worked – though I am pleased to be a trader – especially this time of year! (By the way, do you need any Christmas cards or wrap?) The cards are lovely and it’s a fun little business to run regardless.

There are some wonderfully creative people who run Phoenix businesses…I simply joined for personal consumption – not to work it. Like Younique I get a commission or discount on all purchases, ergo, a no brainer!

Life Changes, Swiftly Sometimes

So over the last six months a few interesting things have happened that have altered the course I was on.

The first one was that I was assigned a Coffee company as a client by Business Gateway. (I am a consultant for Business Gateway Lanarkshire). This gentleman made a casual remark one day – that I should bring out my own coffee to sell on So You’ve Been Dumped.

An interesting idea, I thought, but I don’t even drink coffee or know a thing about it…(a little like starting a makeup business)…

The second thing that happened, around the same time, was that my Younique blog, got shut down by HQ. (Oops).

At the time, I was very angry, frustrated, and a little depressed as I shut down the blog and lost all that traffic. I’d taken the blog from a few hundred visits a month (like this one) to around ten thousand monthly visits in the space of a year or so.

Anyway those two experiences combined together and got me thinking, a lot.

I’d realised that I’d like to be working hard on my own business – one that I control. My preference would be something that is not sanctioned or needing approval from anyone else.

In this case that was my sixteen-year-old website SYBD (which as around fifty thousand visits a month)…

I’ve spent many dozens of hours the past few months focusing on getting that site to be operating at its best. (Still a lot of work to go but little by little I am getting there…)

Cue Coffee

So this brings us today. Here is where my new line of Coffee comes in. It has been inspired by SYBD and will be created for anyone who needs a boost for any reason – relationship challenges, health issues, career stress, or anything.

One of the best things is that it’s finally a business my dad could fully embrace.

Younique Dad - Touch Foundation

He’s not a big fan of cards or being the guinea pig for my cosmetics. But coffee….Well coffee he can fully support. So he is currently the only person I’ve told the name of my new coffee. He’s been helping me with some words for describing the strength. It’s finally a business we can bond over – even from five thousand miles away.

Can’t wait to get him some coffee to try. Can’t wait for you to try it too. So excited…Even more excited to allow some friends to taste it at a Gilmore Girls night I’m hosting in Glasgow on Black Friday…but that’s a post for another day. Thanks for stopping by…

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