Charting New Heights on Mixcloud: 10 Weeks In

Charting New Heights on Mixcloud: 10 Weeks In - woman with a ghetto blaster on her shoulder.

10 Weeks In

Hello lovely listeners and music aficionados! As we wrap up another week, it’s a joy to share some updates and milestones with you. Week 11 has truly been exhilarating! I’ve really enjoyed the pure nostalgia both uploads produced and hope you did too. As ever we’ll kick off with a few stats for the week. I’ll then recap the two uploads and maybe give a nod to what might be coming in this week’s uploads.

By the Numbers Mixcloud Stats ?

With no fresh faces joining our musical tribe this week, the camaraderie of our tight-knit group felt even stronger. Over the past seven days, listeners have given a whopping 5152 minutes of their time to my mixes. That’s a testament to our shared passion for these classic sounds. The rhythm of the week was a bit different with Tuesday and Thursday standing out as the top listening days, and I tip my hat to Glasgow for being the city with the most tuned-in ears!

The charts have been kind to us this week. While Friday’s “Those Crazy 80s Vol 4” climbed its way to #94 in the New Wave chart, the real showstopper was Tuesday’s upload. The Quake radio show from June ’94 skyrocketed to #3 in the Grunge charts and made a respectable stand at #85 in the Alternative Chart. Talk about making some noise!

Radio Archive of the Week

My Tuesday flashback was the Quake radio show from June 24, 1994. This Scottish and Irish concoction of pop, punk, and, evidently, grunge gems has clearly resonated with many of you. Such a blast from the past is always an auditory treat, reconnecting us to those golden memories. If you haven’t given it a spin yet, you’re in for a musical journey that’ll leave you craving more!

Joyful Journey

Friday’s groove was all about “Those Crazy 80s Vol 4”. We relished in the sonic embrace of Indie, Synth, Pop, and Alternative anthems. With legendary powerhouses like The Clash, New Order, and Depeche Mode leading the way, it was a mesmerising trip down memory lane, filled with vibrant beats and iconic melodies. A fitting crescendo to round off a week of musical magnificence! Just for fun, I made a word search to promote this show. I’ll add it at the bottom of this post.

What’s Coming Up?

Buckle up! Given the love and feedback from the recent uploads, the upcoming week promises even more musical delights. Here’s to more chart-topping (fingers crossed) and foot-tapping numbers!

Until Next Tune! Keep the memories alive, the volume up, and don’t forget to join the party over at. Cheers to another melodious week ahead!

If you missed last week’s Mixcloud update, it is here.

Mixes by thea – Joyful Journeys by theanewcomb

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