Say Hello To the New SmartMockups Tool in Canva

The new smartmockups tool in canva is rolling out now

New SmartMockups in Canva – Out Now

UPDATED: Aug 17, 2022. New tutorial added at the end of the post.

Big news for all you Canva lovers – the new SmartMockups 2022 is now available to all users. For the first time ever, users can access over 8,000 mockups from the SmartMockups library. This means you can bring any product, art, or other kind of design to life with a mockup.

For transparency here, I am both a Canva Expert and a SmartMockups brand ambassador so this post has affiliate links. If you use my links, I will benefit, but it will not cost you anything. In fact you get more days than “normal” on both my affiliate links.

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The Lowdown on SmartMockups 2022

You’ll see the SmartMockups tool right on your homepage under ‘Tools’ (halfway down the left hand side of your desktop screen).

Previously we had access to approximately 200 mockups (technology, apparel, stationery etc).

Now free users have access to 25% more (or around 20x as many to choose from). Pro users get access to the 8k (which is 80x!)

You can easily adjust your image so it fits the mockup. Tweak your size, alignment, zoom, flip etc – in order to create the most realistic result possible.

Once you have your mockup design created, you can download it straight away, or create your very own design with it.

Your creations will automagically be added to your uploads.

In SmartMockups, you’ll find mockups based on formats such as landscape, portrait, or square. Other options are being considered for the future.

Other Things To Know

At the moment you are unable to change the product colours but that feature is in the pipeline.

It is not available on Android yet.

Here is a look at the SmartMockup License. If you have a specific case query you can email them hello @  (remove spaces!)

You can sign up for a free trial of SmartMockups Pro here.

It’s worth upgrading to Canva Pro to get access to the full 8,000+ mockups. You can enjoy a FREE 45-day trial of Canva Pro using my special Canva Experts affiliate.

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