New Social Media Training Dates

After last month’s training up in Benbecula (The Western Isles of Scotland), I am really looking forward to doing some more training up Scotland’s West Coast. Just waiting in the confirmations, but it looks as thought some new “firsts” for me are on the horizon for me up in Oban, Dunoon and Inveraray.

The two classes for this round are – Intro to Social Media  and Developing a Social Media Strategy. The first one looks at various platforms – usual suspects like Facebook and Twitter – but then takes in other channels worth considering. We also look at some of the Tools to help you manage and monitor it.

Here are a few worth while Social Media links I’ve come across this week.

How Spirit Airlines Embraced Brand Hate and Won This really made me smile.
The 4 Basic Principles of Presentation Design – Another good column worth


Silicon Valley LunchIn other news, Tonight is the launch party for the tenth anniversary of the Blogher conference in San Jose which I wrote about in last week’s blog (when I booked it). I have a feeling it will be a pretty tiring few days but I am very excited just the same. There are going to be some amazing talks. It’s very handy that this has come now as next month I am doing an Intro to Blogging course for Business Gateway on behalf of Postable Ltd.

Everyday is a school day. Off to enjoy the sun. . .I may need to go and buy some outfits for the next two days! Any excuse right?

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