New Training Website – Launching Soon

new training website coming soon

New Training Website

Updated 2022: Checking links, content and images…That new Training Website is long gone but a new one for 22 is coming!

Well now that the company name has been chosen, the domain has been bought, a rough logo has been created, a new company website is soon to follow. . .but for now I thought I’d outline, in a bit more detail what Newcomb’s new-co is really about.

Need a Basic Website?

In the West of Scotland? Do you want a simple, mobile friendly site, but don’t know where to start? Do you only have a small budget? No problem…

Basically my core training product will be one-to-one WordPress in a Day – in Glasgow and the West. I take someone who has absolutely no website experience (at all) and hold their hand as I walk them through setting up WP, adding pages, posts, and pictures too.

ED Note 2022: Not doing any websites for people but I have a network of suppliers that can help if you need it.

My Aim Is Always…

For me, in everything I do, the key is to empower all of my clients to go away and feel confident in managing their website or content themselves.

A client may still want to pay someone else to do their website updates or content creation, but at least they won’t be held hostage to anyone. With every online activity you need to be able to make even the most simple of changes to pictures and text.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a horror story from a website owner who was, effectively, held to ransom by their web design company – I would be a millionaire today!]

SEO and Search

Also when delivering website or blog work, I teach basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) essentials required to be found on the Internet (read: Google). Well talk about a few of the simple steps that factor into search rankings – on page of and off page optimisation (basically the things you can do to get higher up in the likes of Google). Don’t worry I won’t make it too techie!

Social Best Practices

Finally, the last part of the course will be spent covering some “best practices” of whatever social media channels would best suit the individual client. Some clients may want to be on a few different channels – while others may feel that one platform is enough. So this part of the training will be totally bespoke to each, individual client.

Incidentally, I always advise customers start with one or two channels until they do them really well. Then you can add in other channels to the mix.

Before you go please be sure to check out my new Links page which has amazing tools and resources for creatives.

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