New Workshop – PicMonkey & Canva

Use PicMonkey & Canva?

A Canva Collage made in PicMonkey (shocking I know)If you’re on any social media platforms, do you use PicMonkey & Canva? I’ve been using both of these platforms for about three or four years now I think.

While I don’t profess to be the greatest designer, by any stretch, both of these sites do make my online efforts infinitely better.

They are a perfect way to make collages, to add URLs to photos, create business cards, marketing materials or cover header photos for the various channels. Some people have a preference for these tools but I love them equally – for different things.

Creating Killer Graphics in Picmonkey & Canva

Last Fall, after delivering the blogging course in Kilmarnock (for Business Gateway Ayrshire), I was asked to create a workshop to use these tools. Only too delighted to this one, I’ve been watching countless hours of tutorials. Even though, as I already said, I use these every day…I learn something new each time I do it.

Today I did something I’ve never done before, I created what I call a cool “cut out graphic” of the word Scotland. I took an image I used from last year’s Route 500 trip (taken in Ullapool) as the image in the background. While it’s not perfect by any means, I did find that I really liked the idea and effect. What do you think?

Scotland Cut out using Picmonkey

Other BG Training Courses

While it is my intention to segue into a different career this year, I am grateful for a number of dates I’ve been asked to cover for Business Gateway in both Ayrshire and Renfrewshire. These are in addition to my one-to-one training – which is my preferred work, to be honest. This week all my work is that one-to-one work, starting with a trip to Biggar tomorrow.

If you’re in Scotland and in business (or considering starting a business) it’s well worth taking advantage of the FREE Business Gateway courses and Events.

Wisely or not, I always tend to recommend the FREE courses before anyone actually pays me for training. Unless someone specifically ones the one to one tuition, which I am always happy to do!

February 2017 – Southsiders in Business & More

There are a number of great and noteworthy events on the horizon for anyone who’s interested in Networking in Glasgow.

First up, there is the Southsiders in Business event at the Village (first Wed of every month).

After that, there is Collabor8te’s Communic8te morning event (Valentine’s Day).

Also on the horizon is a MadeBrave event in Glasgow.

For those venturing East – there are a few for your diary. The first Communic8te in the Capital and Digital Transformations too. If you would like any more info on any of those or more, feel free to leave a comment here or tweet me!

Next time I’ll hopefully write about my experience in Collabor8te, the co-working space in Glasgow. I highly recommend it,…

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