New Year, New Site and New Mission

New Year, New Site and New Mission

New Year, New Site and New Mission

Hey everyone, just a quick news update on the future, my new website and new mission. A new year always brings up all kinds of reflection for us, doesn’t it? This year on New Year’s Day, while standing in the shower, I got a strong impulse to do something new. It was a fuzzy idea but I felt it deep in the core of my being. A kernel of destiny presenting itself. Over the coming days, the idea started to become clearer and clearer on which path I should take.

Canva is My Jam

For nearly nine years I’ve been using Canva. For half a dozen I’ve been teaching designated Canva sessions. For the last four or so years I’ve been proud to be an official ambassador (aka a Canva Verified Expert) Going forward, Canva will still play an integral role in my new mission.

Canva + KDP = Self Publish Accelerator

I began creating and self-publishing books for FREE via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) at the start of 2019. A year later, as the pandemic hit, I started to teach other people how to create and publish books. I’ve recently realised that helping others is truly my love language. I know how it feels to be excited when you publish a book. What’s also exciting is seeing other’s joy holding their books in their hands.

My DIY publishing on Amazon route is not for everyone, but it doesn’t cost anything to self-publish a book. By that I mean it’s FREE to create it in Canva, FREE to list it on Amazon, and FREE to distribute it globally through Amazon. My training though, not FREE.

The Totally Content Podcast is coming soonMy New Site is Born

For the last year, I’ve had a simple landing page on my Totally Content site, but now it’s been launched with two main focuses, Self Publish Accelerator to teach self-publishing in just one session, and a Totally Content Books Shop. Not only a new site being launched, but a brand new blog and publishing podcast to go with it. My first guest will hopefully be one of my top students, 70-something year old Rennie Griffith who learned how to create one book and went on to create three more in as many weeks!

So Totally Content is all about training, book publishing and consulting. When I say publishing, I don’t just mean self-publishing, I mean all routes to book publication. I can’t tell you how excited I am and my mission is to help one hundred people self-publish a book. Do you want to be one in a hundred?


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