On a Break Podcast with Christine Webber & Me

On a Break Podcast with Christine Webber and Thea Newcomb

On a Break – Podcast with Christine Webber

Super excited to share some news in a quick update about my new ‘On a Break’ podcast with the amazing writer, author, columnist, broadcaster and more – Christine Webber.

I first “met” Christine around 15 years ago when she featured So You’ve Been Dumped in her book ‘How to Mend a Broken Heart’. Over the years she’s done blogs for So You’ve Been Dumped, we’ve given away copies of her books on SYBD and we’ve just generally had a friendship for many years. Often we have said we should work together but never quite gotten around to it. Well good news, thanks to Lockdown to some extent, we finally found that time and have launched ‘On a Break’.

What is On a Break?

The On a Break podcast is where we are talking about anything from dating, love, loss and moving on. From heartbreak to breakthroughs. We’ll discuss news stories on a variety of topics and will have guests on the show as well. The over all aim is to be fun, frank, informative and yet informal.

It’s maybe a sort of online “Loose Women” (or for the North Americans out there “The View”).

Who is Christine Webber?

Christine Webber is a psychotherapist, broadcaster, columnist and author. She has written 16 books including How to Mend a Broken Heart and Too Young to Get Old. After 20 years practising as a CBT therapist in Harley Street, she has now moved on to coaching in positive ageing and relationship difficulties.

What Topics Would You Like Us to Talk About?

We’re open to any sort of topics/stories from dating to ageing – love and loss – anything that covers the universal experience.

The second episode’s been recorded but was too long for Youtube.

Listen To Our First Episode of the On A Break Podcast (via Anchor.Fm)


Show 2: On a Break Podcast


Had a few technical difficulties uploading the video to Youtube (it was too long) so for now, it’s only the audio podcast available but we’ll look to remedy that. Once we “verify” the new channel then we’ll be golden!

We hope you like the show and we’ll be looking for topics and even guests in due course. Thanks so much!

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