Q4 Holidays – Wrapping Up My 2019 Year of Travels

Wrapping Up my 2019 Travels - Quarter 4

Wrapping Up my 2019 Travels - Quarter 4

Q4 Holidays – Wrapping Up My 2019 Travels

Regular readers of the blog will know about my 2019 travels – namely that this year I dubbed my Year of Travels. Having lost my best friend, biggest supporter and confidante (my dad) almost exactly a year ago, I decided to dedicate my free time to celebrating him and traveling as much as possible. In particular it was my intention to travel every month – near or far – for at least one night away.

Since my last  Summer travel blog – I’ve visited London, Oban, Campbeltown to name but a few places.

London – October

My 2019 Year of Travels took me to London for another Merch Across the Pond meetup. It was great to see my group, and hear how they’re getting on with their print on demand businesses and side hustles. I’ll be doing a separate post about that myself soon – possibly with a Print on Demand infographic showing my numbers visually. It wasn’t just London I stayed in this year – I also had trips to Linlithgow and Aberdour again to the Woodside Hotel which is becoming like a second home to me.

Later in the month I even had a stay in Irvine. Yes, really. I was doing an afternoon session on a Friday and a morning session Saturday so I just booked myself in down there to save me some travels.

November Trips

For my 2019 Travels, November was a fun one because it meant nights away in Campbeltown for some Creating Killer Graphics in Canva and two nights away for Thanksgiving in Oban. The beautiful thing about both of those trips is the scenery in both places. There were of course many opportunities for photo ops which ended up on some of my line of ‘Scottish Travel Journals‘.  (Search that name, on Amazon, to see some of them).

Thea Newcomb photo" Castle Stalker Scotland

I really enjoyed the workshops further afield and the road trips to them. It allowed me much alone time with my thoughts as I traveled through Scotland’s majestic landscape. Already looking forward to more travels in 2020.

December, Finally

I didn’t really do a much overnight traveling in December but I did spend a night away in Edinburgh ahead of a Canva workshop in the Capital. The room was bijou, cute and Beano-decorated. The workshop went went and it was back home again. And the following weekend was spent in my home-from-home Aberdour once more. It was to see the fabulous ’80s outfit China Crisis at the Woodside Hotel.

So as we only have a few days left I suspect that ends my 2019 travels and decade itself I suppose.  It’s now been exactly a year (to the day) since my father passed away, and thus a time for reflection. It’s been a year (decade) with some high highs and low lows, but honestly that’s pretty much every year for me. I visited countries I’ve never been to this year. I’ve made new friends along the way.

Scotland's First Canva Trainer - Canva Certified Creative

What’s Your 2020 Vision?

This week also marks the one year anniversary of becoming an official Canva Certified Creative which is some ways has been life changing for me. It’s a title I hold dearly and one I look to expand further afield in 2020 – hopefully all the way to Sydney, Canva’s HQ. That’s a top goal. To do more Canva 121 training and workshops anywhere in the world.

Another goal will be to double my Print on Demand income so I can make even more money while I sleep each night. I also aim to pay off my mortgage with the click of a button.

Feel free to tell me any of your goals or aims for 2020. I’d welcome the Accountability Buddy. See you next year (if not sooner!)

The pictures below are 1) from Thanksgiving weekend driving back from Oban – East of Crianlarich (A85), Aberdour’s Black Sands Sunset,  and Castle Stalker too. Here’s to more lovely Scot- Shots in 2020!

Wrapping up my 2019 Travels - December 2019


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