Quick Canva Tutorial Woman Popping Out of Paper

Try a fun quick canva tutorial of woman popping out of paper

Fancy a Quick Canva Tutorial?

Do you fancy learning something new in Canva? Because I fancied making a quick Canva Tutorial. A few days ago, I was watching Youtube and came across a video by Diana on the Learn to Design with Canva (who had seen one by Joyti).

What I love about Canva is that I learn something new every week (or sometimes even daily).

It’s always changing. I come across people who are so talented that inspire me. I like to give things like this a go when I can. So after Diana’s video I decided to try it and then make my own video (shared below.)

Disclaimer: mine isn’t that good. The first ones of anything never are so please don’t judge me too harshly…ha.

Canva Tutorial Steps

1) Open a doc size – any size you choose. I’d choose Presentation or Instagram but you do you.

2) Add a picture of yourself (or anyone you like really) where you can remove the background fairly easily. I used a picture of myself on the Waverley a few weeks ago.

3) Duplicate the photo.

4) Search photos for “Paper Hole”. (Tip: Find one that is a “cutout”)

5) Then line all three of them all up in the middle (“Position” then “center” and “middle’)

The next part gets a bit more intricate to try to describe…

6) The original photo needs to be at the back. The Paper Hole needs to be on top if it. The cutout photo you removed the background on needs to be the top layer.

7) Your final step is to peel back (using crop) in such a way that it’s outside the cutout (see my hand hanging over).

Now YOU Try…

Now you try it and upload yours to the comments…or tag me on social media, please. You can even try “broken glass” instead of “paper hole”. Or search for a window to jump through. You can do a mobile phone screen. The list is endless…Have you done one that’s cool that I should try? Let me know. I always love a good Canva Challenge.

PS: Don’t forget that if you want to try Canva Pro, as ever, you can grab a FREE Canva Pro trial here.

And if you need Canva training, visit my Canva page to discuss how I can help you learn more about my Canva training and tips and tricks in one session.

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