Radio Show Airs Tonight

Tonight is my return to the Scottish Airwaves after several years. I’ve been “Crowd-Sourcing” tracks to play on my radio show…via Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and the like.

Though it’s Celtic Music Radio – my radio show won’t be too “Celtic” – if I am being honest. It will be more 70s-now pop, rock, indie, acoustic, ambient, dance, unsigned and a bit of folk and Celtic periodically.

Share your top Scottish tracks - Celtic Music Radio

Will post the playlist after the show. Looking forward to it. It sort of feels like old times…the difference being that more than twenty years have passed since the last time I did a show like this. That means there are over twenty years worth of songs to include in the mix.

If you’re a singer, songwriter or band in Scotland or from Scotland or coming to Scotland then hit me up. I’d love to hear from you and have a listen to your music and possibly play it.

Back to the planning for tonight’s radio show…

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