Lismore: My Return to Radio Six – May 2023

Return to Radio Six International on Lismore - Thea Newcomb Show in Studio

My Return to Radio Six International – 2023

Hey there – bit of a personal post for you today!

Fun fact you may not realise about me – my background is actually in radio! I started presenting shows back in university in Northern California. My first job in Scotland was on a local station called Q96 way back in 1992. Seems a lifetime ago. Since then, I’ve had short stints (or the odd show) on various stations including L107, GO FM, Celtic Music Radio, and the largest Scot FM. Every now and again I do the odd bit on BBC Radio Scotland too.

If you’ve only known me virtually through my Canva content, now you know a little more about my past!

Lismore Gaelic Centre, phonebox, radio six International and the port appin ferry.

Lismore, Scotland

I have just returned from an amazing trip up to the island of Lismore, Inner Hebrides of Scotland – where my two nights turned into four and left me wanting more!

Let me tell you about the charming little island of Lismore (Population 160)! Situated just off the west coast of the Scottish mainland, this tiny gem has a rich history that’s as fascinating as it is quirky. Once home to a mighty clan of Gaelic warriors, allegedly, Lismore has seen everything from Viking invasions to medieval monasteries to its very own castle.

Nowadays, it’s more famous for its gorgeous scenery, peaceful pace of life, and the fact that it’s basically a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. So if you’re ever in the mood for some stunning Scottish landscapes, some off-the-beaten-path exploration, and maybe even a sighting of a rare bird or two, Lismore is definitely the place to be!

Today the island of Lismore boasts one cafe, a shop/post office, a village hall, a few ferry ports, lots of sheep and cows and rather unique phone boxes too! Oh and a radio station Radio Six International where I recorded my new series of the Thea Newcomb Show (I didn’t name it, honest!)

Music Shows

The Thea Newcomb Show (I didn’t name it, honest) features music from around the globe. This series has artists from America, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and even one pop act from Russia. A first. The musical genres range from rock, pop, acoustic, indie, alternative and many self-proclaimed acts of “Dream pop”. I’ve no idea what it is but I sure seemed to gravitate towards it for this series of four shows..

Celebrating 60 Years of Radio Six International

Next month, on June 6, 2023 – Radio Six International celebrates its 60th anniversary. I was asked to do a special show to mark the occasion and so I did that too while on Lismore. The theme for this one was “Radio” and all tracks had that in the title or the word “DJ”. Can you guess which ones I chose? No, I didn’t go for “Radio Ga Ga” as I am not the biggest Queen fan (sorry). Not sure when the June 6th show is airing but the May 2023 shows are listed below. You’ll also see Radio Six International’s May Schedule below too.

Radio Showtimes

To listen to the Thea Newcomb Show – all you have to do is ask your smart speaker to play “Radio Six International”. You can get it on Apple Music via TuneIn too. So find your best way to play! Shows will begin on Coronation Day May 6, 2023.

  • Saturdays – 12:00 PM UK (4am Pacific)
  • Sundays – 10am UK, (2am Pacific) – repeat
  • Mondays – @ Midnight UK (4pm Pacific) – repeat
  • Mondays – 8am UK (12am Pacific) – repeat

If you’re in other regions, and need to work out the timings in your time zone, please use this time zone converter site.

Here you can view the entire Radio Six International Schedule for May 2023

Copy of Radio_News_666.pdf by theanewcomb

PS: New Podcast – Totally Publishing – is Now Live

Just launched my new podcast Totally Publishing – is a brand new podcast with true tales from the book business.

Hear from authors, agents, editors, illustrators, cover designers, and publishers who share their personal experiences. From traditional to self-publishing, tune in for engaging discussions and trends in the ever-changing publishing world.

On Spotify but also available on most pod platforms.

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