Saturday Spotlight # 1 – More-2-Explore

Saturday Spotlight - # 1 -'s Lucy Bostock


Saturday Spotlight # 1 – More-2-Explore

Welcome to my first ever Saturday Spotlight # 1 on More-2-Explore. More-2-Explore is a company founded by Lucy Bostock. According to this article here, Lucy came up with the idea after getting separated from her child at Legoland.

The More-2-Explore Adventure Belt is an “alternative to traditional toddler reins, children’s harnesses & wrist straps!”. It links the parent to the kid by a belt-to-belt system, hands-free. Now I don’t have kids, but I could see how parents might light this sort of thing.

You can watch this video to see how it works and why not subscribe to the More-2-Explore Youtube Channel:

So that was a short Saturday Spotlight on More-2-Explore. More to come in future posts, on Saturdays. Watch this space as they say.

Cards and Cosmetics

As we’re nearing the holidays, I’ll be ramping up my promotion of Candles and Cosmetics too. I’ve made a video to promote the candles…and been working away on sharing Younique products. This week marks my third anniversary of being a Younique presenter. I can’t believe it’s been that long.

Sadly I am still rather stalled at Blue Status (halfway up the ladder). Be nice to hit Green status but you have to sell $10,000 worth of makeup in one month (your team’s efforts can contribute) so it feels an impossible feat to me!

I’ll be writing my 3rd Youniqueversary post this week to celebrate the milestone over on my Glatitude website.

In Other News…

What else is new? In addition to More-2-Explore, I’ve been working hard with some other fantastic clients too. Have also delivered a few workshops for Business Gateway Ayrshire this month (Linkedin and Canva).  I’ve three more workshops for Renfrewshire and Ayrshire this year and then I’ll stop for the holidays!

Every chance I get I’ve been creating new designs for both the Ralph Says Things Red Bubble store and also my own TNTs Red Bubble Store.

We have had some sales too. I admit I treated myself to an Old’s Cool Ralph Says Shirt on Red Bubble. It’s a new version of the existing design. I added a frame was all. I like it though. Simple but effective. It’s my first ever shirt purchased on Red Bubble – so I look forward to checking the quality. (I have seen other people’s though)

Ralph Says - Old's Cool - Long Sleeve Black T-shirt on Red Bubble

Thanks For Stopping By

Thank you for cruising by my personal blog. It’s likely I’ll be utilising it much more going forward because, as I mentioned in my last post, now that I have a Thea’s Things Facebook page to go along with it.

thea's things log - two ts for thea

Facebook being what it is though probably doesn’t show you half the posts so feel free to cruise over to the page and check out the latest posts whenever you can.

And if you have not seen the or the RST Facebook page – please do!

Darceys: Here’s one I made earlier…

If you’d like to order any Darceys candles, soy wax melts, aroma beads, reed diffusers – etc, then call me on 0141 416 1492. Seven Days. 

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