Scottish Business Week 2021 – My Branding Talk Wednesday is 2:45

Scottish Business Week Starts Monday - Talk Wednesday 2:45 - Thea Newcomb

Scottish Business Week 2021

I’ve been asked to deliver a short talk (75 minutes) on Branding for your Business at this Scottish Business Week 2021. Kick off on Monday, Scottish Business Week will be a week long virtual festival for Scottish businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Find details of the full programme here – offering inspiration, advice, guidance, networking and more to help you build a brighter future. Scottish Business Week Wednesday Programme

Branding Workshop

A few months ago, I began delivering a workshop called Building Your Brand and Promotional Graphics (in Canva in particular) for Business Gateway (national). Having done that I was invited to give a smaller version of that. This session will be about fifteen or twenty minutes of chat and then opens up to questions and answers. Hopefully there won’t be too difficult of questions sent toward me.

I’ll ask how people define “What is a brand?” Then I’ll move on to “What branding is”…Will demonstrate how to set up a brand kit in Canva. Then I’ll give a few recommendations before opening up to the audience questions.

Branding Recommendations

In order to sort of get myself ready to deliver the branding webinars this past summer I began almost crash course on the subject…One of the best ones is by Donald Miller is Building a Story Brand. (I have been enjoying the audio book). He also has a website ‘My Story Brand” and a podcast that’s worth a listen to too.

My Story Brand - Branding book, site, framework by Donald Miller

Speaking of Branding

On the very subject of branding, I have been spending a lot of my own time working on my own branding, story, and “offer” – with regards to Canva training in particular. None of this is easy is it? We are all works in progress!

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