Southsiders in Business (Sib) – Feb 3, 2016

SiB: Join us for Southsiders in Business - Feb 3, 2016

We are just two weeks away from the next Southsiders in Business (SiB). This is an informal networking event that takes place each month at the Village Hotel in Glasgow. If you are in business, anywhere in Glasgow, you’re welcome to come along and meet other businesses – large or small. There are designers, video experts, web specialists, trainers, suppliers, creatives – you name it, we’ve got it. This is the forth meeting of Southsiders in Business after a hiatus of more than year.

Some SiB Networking Advice:

SiB: Join us for Southsiders in Business - Networking at the VillageCome with intention.

Do you know the sort of people you’re aiming to meet? What do you need help with? Have some meaningful conversations with people, don’t just try to collect as many business cards as possible. That sort of networker tends to put people off…

Have an open mind.

You never know who you might meet. The people you speak to may not be in the market for your product or services – but they may bump into someone tomorrow who is. Or they may have a family member, friend, colleague or associate who needs just what you have to offer.

Promote yourself

Bring some business cards or any promotional material that you’d like to share. I bring my own cards, cosmetics and now wooden boxes. I don’t tend to sell many at the events but it’s more about raising awareness of what I do. Self promotion can be a good thing if done in a tasteful way. If you’re not proud of your own business then how can you expect any else to be interested in it?

RSVP for the next Southsiders in Business on Feb 3rd, here.

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