3 Ways to Use SmartMockups to Level Up Canva Designs

3 Ways to Use Mockups to level up Canva Designs

Use Mockups to Level Up Canva Designs – (Tutorial)

UPDATE April 2024: SmartMockups is just Mockups and is now found under ‘Edit Photo’.

Welcome along to a brand new Youtube Tutorial – about ways to use SmartMockups to level up your designs in Canva. It’s sort of 3 in 1 here – as such, it’s longer than most of my tutorials. If you want to learn a bit more about how you can use the tool in the three ways – watch the video or scan the text – whichever you prefer. (If it were me, I’d watch the video at 2x. LOL.)

SmartMockups Video Transcription Begins

Hey everyone, today I am going to show you three different ways to use SM to take your designs to a whole new level. There are two ways to use them inside Canva and I’ll show you how you can create mockups using smartmockups.com too. Let’s go!

As an SM ambassador, I can offer you a 30 day FREE trial but more on that later…

SmartMockups Inside Canva

Let’s start with using SmartMockups (SM) inside the Canva editor. To get to Smart Mockups you’re going to open any size of design you want – maybe a social media post, or A4 or, a custom size, whatever you want to choose, it doesn’t matter. 

Next you’re going to single click to add your image to your canvas.

Then you’ll hit ‘Edit Image’ and go down to SM. If you haven’t used it before, you will need to connect your account once and then you’ll never need to do it again.

Inside Canva’s editor you have a few hundred options to choose from. There are apparel choices, technology and devices, homewares like mugs, posters and prints and more. While you have way less options, then the next way I will show you, the main benefit inside the editor is the ability to change the Object Colour. So instead of a white T-shirt or mug you change them to black or even your own brand colour.  

All of these inside the editor all current mock-ups are free for all users.

Next let’s look at the SmartMockups app…

Canva’s SmartMockups App:

The SM app is found on the homepage down the left hand side of your desktop.

The APP has dozens of categories. There are smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets watches, TV screens, e-readers, and so on. Then there’s a category for print which has books, brochures, sheets, frames, posters, outdoor signage, phone cases, stickers and more…

There are hundreds more FREE mock-ups and thousands more for you Canva Pro peeps! Don’t forget if you want to try Canva Pro (for 30 days) I’ve got you. 

So the App works in a slightly different way to the in-editor. With App you’re going to head to Canva.com and click on the SM app at the bottom and either do a search or choose one of the options listed.

With the app you have many times more options for mock ups for both free and pro users. 

Get Thousands More Mockups at SmartMockups.com

Finally let’s head over to SmartMockups.com where there are even MORE mockups than we have inside of Canva. While there’s not too much of a point to give numbers, as it’s always growing, to give you a ballpark – the Canva SM App has over 8000 Pro images (around 2000 free) and smartmockups.com is over 12,000 with over 4000 free – at the time of recording this. 

As a SmartMockups ambassador I can offer you a 30 day SmartMockups trial – instead of a week I believe – to test it out. 

I love using this website – for several reasons 1) because it has so many more mockups 2) you can change the object colours like you can inside of the Canva editor 3) you have three different size download options and 4) you can connect it with your Canva account and pull in the designs right from Canva.

Which SmartMockups Option is Best?

So which do I use? I actually use all three depending on what I am doing for where. There are benefits to each smart mockups options.

I do know they’re working on the object change colour for the Canva SM App, but at this time of recording, I don’t know when it’s rolling out. So for now you either need to use one inside Canva’s editor or use smartmockups.com

This was just a quick overview of each of the three options and I hope you found this useful. I love the mockups so much I asked them to become an ambassador. You can use my link to get thirty days free. You can also unlock more options inside the Canva App by subscribing. I can offer you a FREE Canva Pro trial (30 days).

Please like, comment and or subscribe if you found value in this video. 

Until next time I’m Thea saying see ya.

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