Social Media Content in 15 Minutes: A Kittl and Canva Tutorial

Canva and Kittl Tutorial to create Social Media Content (or other bulk content) in under 15 mninutes.

Create a Month’s Worth of Social Media Content in 15 Minutes: A Kittl and Canva Tutorial

This is post has affiliate links and adapted from the transcript of my YouTube video (you can watch it below).

Are you tired of spending hours creating social media content? What if I told you that you could generate a month’s worth of engaging posts in just 15 minutes? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to leverage the power of Kittl’s AI Quote Generator and Canva’s Bulk Create feature to revolutionise your content creation process.

Head to and choose their AI Quote GeneratorStep 1: Generate Quotes with Kittl

  1. Go to and navigate to Tools > AI Quote Generator.
  2. Click on “Generate Quotes“.
  3. Choose your niche (e.g., Scotland, Music, Business).

AI Quotes in Kittl - choose your mood and word length

  1. Choose the word count range for your quotes. (Options 2-4, 5-8, 9-12 or 13-16 words)Kittl word count for the AI Generator
  2. Click “Generate Quotes” at the top right (green button).
  3. You can review them and click on anyone to open Kitt’s editor or download them all.

Pro Tip: Download all quotes and paste them into a Google Sheet for easy review and editing.

From Kittl's AI Quote Generator - Download your results, open the doc and paste in a spreadsheet.

Step 2: Prepare Your Quotes

7. Review and edit your generated quotes in the Google Sheet.

8. Export the sheet as a CSV file.

Open any doc type in and create a master template.Step 3: Create Your Canva Template

  1. Now head to and choose a template (e.g., Instagram post).
  2. Use one of Canva’s templates or design your own. (For this I just made a super simple blue and yellow template. No marks for creativity, I know!)

After you template is created search for Bulk Create, in Canva Apps and open it.Step 4: Use Canva’s Bulk Create Feature

3. In Canva, go to Apps. Search for “Bulk Create”. (Note: Pro feature: Upgrade for FREE now)

4. Upload your exported CSV file with the quotes.

5. Click on your template text, click the three dots above it, and choose “Connect the data” to your template.

6. Generate your designs (e.g., 24 designs for a month of content).

Add data to Canva Bulk Create either manually or by uploading a CSVStep 5: Share and Customise Your Content

  1. Share directly to social media or download your designs.
  2. Use the “Design to Image” app to convert designs to images for further customisation.

Once you have your bulk created designs you can add shadows, put them in mockups, download or share them. Get creative with Kittl and Canva together!

Bonus Tip: Use the converted images in presentations or add mockups for a professional touch.

That’s about it for this Kittl and Canva tutorial and I sure hope you found it useful. It can be used for quotes, testimonials or even print on demand (tshirts, stickers, mugs and other merch designs.)

Time-Saving Benefits:

  • Generate unique quotes in minutes with AI.
  • Create a month’s worth of social media content in under 15 minutes.
  • Streamline your content creation process.
  • Maintain consistency in your brand’s visual identity.

By combining the power of Kittl’s AI Quote Generator and Canva’s Bulk Create feature, you can dramatically reduce the time spent on content creation while maintaining high-quality, engaging posts for your audience.

Go and Get Started

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