Canva Tutorial – Create Cool Stickers in Canva for FREE

Create Cool Stickers in Canva for FREE

Create Cool Stickers in Canva for FREE

Update April 2024 – Things are always changing, so am just running a quick update on this post which contains affiliate links.

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog where I tend to focus on Canva, Kittl and various AI tools.

Today I am bringing you my latest tutorial which you can watch or if you would rather, you can read the transcript of the video. This is demonstrating how to make sticker outlines or stickers in Canva.

Introduction: to the Canva Tutorial

Hello everyone! I’m Thea, a Canva Verified Expert, affiliate and trainer based in Scotland. I am here to quickly demonstrate how to create “glow stickers” in Canva.

Now these (stickers) can be (around) text, logos, graphics, or even photos, so let’s get started…

You can use this method to create effects in the free version of Canva, but quite honestly, it’s a whole lot better if you have Canva Pro. I’m actually demonstrating this in my free account, and I’ll show you why Pro is a good idea. If you want to try Pro feel free to check out this Canva Pro page.

create cool stickers in canvaGetting started with Canva’s Stickers

So let’s start with Canva’s own logo. All we’re gonna do is we’re gonna click on “Edit Image“, and then we’re gonna scroll down to Shadows, and we’re gonna choose “Glow“. We’re gonna click it again and we’re gonna turn off the blur, turn off the transparency, and we have this nice little outline.

Okay. We can play with how big we want the outline. Sticker-esque. It’s up to you how big or small you want it. I sometimes will do it kind of like six or seven, and then I’m gonna go ahead and click on apply down at the bottom of the screen on the left. And it’ll take a second. It’ll say saving paused until such time as it’s done. And honestly, you can keep on doing it as many times as you like.

So click edit image again. Click on Glow. And this time maybe we want it to be, uh, a white background. So we’re gonna change it to white and we’re gonna again, make the size bigger, turn the transparency off and the blur off. And now we have this kind of 3D effect. Again, I can go as big as I want. You can keep doing this as many times as you like. So that’s how you do it with things like logos.

Steps to Create Cool Stickers in Canva

Making Stickers from Graphics

Let’s do the same with Mr. Bee or Mrs. Bee, it’s gender neutral here. Again, I’m gonna click on ‘Edit Image’. I’m gonna go to ‘Shadows’, and I’m gonna take off the transparency and the blur, and again, I can make it as big or as little as they want.

That’s quite good. I. And you know what? The next time I might actually do it and I’ll put the red around him to kind of match red or the pink, right? So I’m just gonna click on him again. Once it’s done saving it says saving pause until such time as it’s worked its magic. Okay, now we’re good. We’re gonna click edit image and we’re gonna go to the ‘Glow’ again.

Wee Bee getting the sticker effect in Canva

This time I, I am actually gonna try and sample using the ‘Colour picker’. Either the pink or let’s do the red. Red or the pink. What should we do? The pink. All right, we’ll do the pink, right. And we’re gonna crank it up and take that down. Take off the blur. And now we’ve got this nice pink around our little bee.

Making Stickers from Text (Needs Canva Pro or a Third Party Tool)

Okay, we’re gonna go down once it’s done doing its thing and we’re gonna go to our “bee happy” text only version.

Now again, I just made this (text of “Bee Happy”) in my Pro version of Canva and downloaded as a transparency. So I’ll show you what I mean. If I change the background colour to the blue, you can see that there’s no background, so it’s transparent. I’m gonna do the same again as I’ve been doing. Go to Edit image, Click on Shadows, click on Glow. In this case, I think I want it to be white initially. And again, I’m gonna make the size a bit bigger and turn the other things off. So now we really do have that 3D effect.

Good. Hit apply. And so forth. Okay. It’s gonna, I’m just gonna do it one more time. This time. Let’s see, what will we do? We do, We could do the yellow again around it. Maybe we just wanted that little white, Let’s do the yellow. I click on the image and I’m gonna go for the yellow. I’m gonna make it a bit bigger.

Take the transparency down and the blurred down. And there you go. And now I have this cool 3D sticker effect.

Bee Happy Text sticker effect in Canva

Horsing Around Canva Stickers with Photos

And last but not least, let’s use the horse. (I couldn’t find any free versions, cut out versions of photos of bees). So, we’ve switched to horses and we’re just gonna click on shadows. And what will we do here? Let’s do white and then I’ll change the background so we can really see it. So same story. Then make the outline maybe 15, the transparency down and the blur down. And hit apply. And I’ll change the colour of the background so you can actually see. Let’s change it to the yellow. There you go.

Note: My image here is my branding blue not yellow.

In Summary

Yeah, the yellow. And now we’ve got this beautiful white background of that. So that’s a simple way to make stickers in Canva.

I hope you found that useful. Well, that’s it for another Canva tutorial. If you need help, please reach out and I can make a short Canva tutorial just for you. 

Finally, be sure to head over to where I’ve compiled an amazing array of recommended creativity tools, free resources. Extended trials and much more. Well, that’s all for now. So until next time, I’m Thea say and see ya.

End Transcript

Ok that’s the end of this transcript. If you’ve read this far then I want to thank you. I hope you enjoyed this post about creating cool stickers in Canva. They are particularly handy for your Youtube thumbnails, social media graphics and if you create actual physical stickers too.

Before you go, I’d also like to let you know that I’ve done another recent tutorial demonstrating Canva’s new Text to Image (now called Magic Media and includes video and graphics too!) if you are interested.

Are you debating upgrading to Canva Pro but just not sure if it’s worth it? Read this post and decide.