Summer Canva Updates 2021 – New Features Rolling Out

Explore some of the Summer Canva Updates 2021

Summer Canva Updates 2021 – New Features Rolling Out

Back with another quick post on the summer Canva updates 2021. There are a few new features rolling out to all users that are definitely worth a mention (and even more I am not allowed to talk about just yet!)

Please note: some of these are available to all users already. Some I haven’t even got access to or had a chance to beta test yet. Also there are affiliate links in the post. They don’t cost you anything but do help me keep my information free here.

1) PDF Upload

One I have been wanting for years is the ability to import a PDF into Canva. It’s a feature I have had and tested out for many months now – to varying degrees of success (as you can see from my small screen shot). It’s only recently rolled out to all users and I recommend you give it a try. Because I make a lot of books/journals/planners/word searches etc – using other 3rd party tools like BookBolt* (use ‘Podinscot’ to try it out) and TangentTemplates.

I have always wanted to bring my PDFs into Canva to add some personal touches or tweaks.

This has never been possible,…until now.
How importing a word search PDF imports into Canva
One particular style of PDF hasn’t really worked too well is with my word searches. (above). It skews all the letters.

In another area where it has worked well was with my client Rennie’s word document of his book.

So test it out and see how you get on and do report back to Canva how it works for you so they can adjust accordingly.

2) Google Sheets

The next feature that has rolled out to all Canva users is an integration with Google Sheets. While I’ve not yet really test driven this one, I do applaud it. I am a daily user of Google Sheets, so I can see how this could be useful to bring data into Canva charts.

Import Google Sheets Data into Canva

3) Page Numbers

Oh boy!! This is another one I am excited about. Even I don’t have access to this one yet, but it’s set to roll out in Mid-August. That means I have no idea when Canva’s page numbers feature will be rolling out to all users.

Still, this will be super helpful for any of the books, planners etc, that one may create in Canva. Can’t wait to try this!

Add Page Numbers to Your Designs in Canva

Even More Canva Feature Updates

  • Canva Animation Panel: There’s a new look to the Canva animations panel which are pretty nifty. The idea is to give more of an idea of what each animation does.
    New Canva Animations panel to explore
  • Visual Charts Presentations Templates: Do you have a data-heavy presentation to make? Why not go to Discover Canva Templates and type in > “Visual Charts Presentations Templates” to find a plethora of presentation options.
    Discover Visual Charts Presentations in Canva

  • Multiple Audio Tracks: For those who love creating videos in Canva, this is an absolute game-changer, don’t you think? Soon you’ll be able to add up to 20 tracks. This means you can throw in some sound effects, a voice over, songs, you name it! Go mix it up. 

    Again I don’t even have this one yet either, but it sounds super good, so I for one am super-jazzed! (Pun intended).

Summer Canva Updates Summary

Canva is always changing and keeping me on my toes.

In writing this blog post, I even discovered one or two updates that had completely passed me by.

There are several new features coming that I am not allowed to mention yet, but watch this space.

For now I’ll close.

I am curious though – which one are you most excited about?

Also let me know which feature do you wish was in Canva that isn’t yet? Maybe I can relay it back to the appropriate team.

*Before you go, you may enjoy my 5 Essential Tools for Print on Demand post which mentions Book Bolt (a lot of you seem interested in that).

And if you missed my 6 Clicks to Killer Graphics with Canva’s SmartMockups Feature post, you’ll definitely want to swing by to see that one…

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